Meal Planning with Tony’s and the Grill

It’s the BOY’s first real day off all semester and so no surprise he headed straight for the grill!

This afternoon, he made us a healthy lunch!  After which we drove off to check out the latest new grocery store in town.  We are so spoiled with a newish Whole Foods, the brand new Mariano’s, and now a Tony’s!




I’ve heard only great things about this store which is located throughout the Chicago area, and we now have one of our own.




Their produce is extensive and well priced.  The BOY found himself lost in the meat aisle and the seafood had my mouth watering.  Speaking of watering mouths, this expansive pastry counter was filled with rich, colorful, and decadent sweets.






It didn’t take the BOY long to pick out a few of the 79 cent treats for dessert tonight.


IMAG2446 IMAG2447


We left will a full cart for a more than fair price!  The BOY went straight to the back yard to prepare tonight’s pulled pork in his smoker.  I got comfortable in the sun with a new lighter book by one of my favorite chick lit authors.




It was a successful start to the week, and meal planning is a cinch now that the BOY is doing most of the work on the grill!  Although sadly tonight, his smoker yielded smoked pork instead of pulled pork.  I had an easy substitute frozen veggie burger, but I could tell the BOY was disappointed at he at his smoked pork sandwich.  Next time, I will go back to this crockpot pulled pork recipe which was incredible!


This Week in Meal Planning…

Monday: Smoked Pork (made by the BOY) Veggie Burger

Tuesday: Stirfry at my parents

Wednesday: Grilled Seafood (that we picked up at Tony’s)

Thursday: Dinner out

Friday: TBD



Have you ever been to Tony’s?

What is your favorite grocery store?

16 thoughts on “Meal Planning with Tony’s and the Grill

    • I know! It’s good to have him around when I am on one of my baking rolls! He was quite pleased with his sweets and I think they put him in a much better mood after his pork snafu!

  1. I’ve never heard of Tony’s, but now I’m very curious!! I am so spoiled with a Mariano’s within walking distance of my home, but I never turn down the opportunity to visit a new and highly regarded grocer!

  2. Ooh, Tony’s looks amazing! I just moved to the Chicago area a few months ago, so I’m a little behind on things. I’ll have to see if there’s one near me, although that dessert case looks like it might be worth a drive. 🙂

    • If you find yourself about 30 minutes north, definitely stop by to check out those desserts. We have some awesome grocery stores in the area, which is really fun!

  3. I am so jealous of your awesome grocery store! All we have are your standard Walmart, IGA, and Kroger. That pastry counter would be the death of me though!! 🙂

    • I know! I need to forget about it but that will be tough. The BOY is already planning his return trip. I can’t believe that’s all that you have. Even in TN, I had a Wild Oats which is like Whole Foods and a Fresh Market!

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