Superb Sunday {And Saturday}

Happy Mother’s Day!  How’s your day going?




I spent the most fantastic day with my parents.  We started with a long walk through the forest preserve following some paved and some off roading paths.  Then devoured a delicious lunch before stumbling into the GAP outlet.  We finished the afternoon with a grocery cart filling trip to Woodman’s.  With the sun shining and the conversation flowing, it really doesn’t get much better than this!


Unless of course you count yesterday’s fun family BBQ!


Sadly there are no pictures of the event but plenty of stories that will be circulating for months : )


IMAG2396 IMAG2397


The day started off early and innocent enough with the first of two trips to Starbucks for tea (me) and a breakfast sandwich (the BOY).  Then I boarded the train for the city.




When I arrived, I was nose deep in almost finishing this book.  When I exited the train station, I saw this spectacular view of boats cruising down the river. 


IMAG2400 IMAG2404


It was amazing to see the passengers bundled up and sipping their morning coffee while we watched and waved from the bridge.




A few blocks down, I spotted this colorful 2 wheeled three dimensional art work.




I loved it!


IMAG2407 IMAG2408


I continued walking towards Soldier Field enjoying the views along the way!






And stopped for another warm beverage before arriving at my final destination.




Since I was early, I had an extra fifteen minutes to sip and read (this time really almost finishing my book).  I ended up reading the last 15 pages this morning.  This dark, twisted, thriller is a good read, so definitely add it to your summer list!




A few weeks ago, my brother and some friends and I decided to volunteer for St. Jude at the American Beer Fest.  As my brother said, ‘this is combing two things that I like…beer and volunteering!’  It really was a win-win!




We arrived at 10:30am, so the venue was still pretty quiet. 








Well into the afternoon, the sun came out from behind the clouds and the stadium was packed with beer drinkers.  Our job was to promote St. Jude while having fun, playing games, and handing out prizes.




I spent most of my day at the football toss.  I couldn’t figure out why I woke up so sore this morning.  I don’t think it was spending 4 hours of my feet, but squatting repeatedly to retrieve the footballs from the floor.  I probably did hundreds of squats yesterday! 


When we were done volunteering, we had time to actually check out the beer fest before heading up to Lakeview for a pre Mother’s Day BBQ with our families and friends.  The entire evening was a blur of eating, drinking, talking, sharing stories, catching up, and just enjoying being together!  It was a BLAST!


This weekend was an awesome way to quick off the summer season.  Luckily, I have tomorrow to recuperate : )



What was the best part of your weekend?

22 thoughts on “Superb Sunday {And Saturday}

    • Chicago is such a fun city to explore even if you live there! So much to see and because it was so early, the streets were pretty quiet. You’ll have to come visit in person some time!

  1. What a fun weekend! The beer fest looks fantastic – and for such a good cause! Best part of my weekend: Spending all day Friday with my sister and three-month-old niece 🙂

  2. I love how close to the city you live. Just hop on the train!! The beer fest sounds like so much fun!

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