Weird Week Ahead

Good Afternoon!




It’s been an odd start to the week as I have to go in to work for a few hours this afternoon/evening.  Then tomorrow, I have the morning off before spending my afternoon as a teaching assistant.  After a few weekends of work/travel, I was looking forward to getting back into my meal planning groove.  However, between my schedule change, the BOY’s late night finals, and a sushi date with my girl friends on Thursday, there’s not much planning to do.




I did finally make it to the grocery store this morning in order to restock our house with food…specifically fresh fruits and veggies!  We were in a sad state as evidenced above by the lone garlic.




With the start of May, I am excited to detox my diet.  I mentioned this in my May goals, but didn’t have the energy to elaborate.  My plan is to return to a cleaner way of eating that includes no processed foods and tons of fresh produce.  I know that spring weather, farmer’s markets, and the BOY’s love of BBQing make this a much easier task.  I also know that I have exciting races and a fun trip abroad (details coming soon) planned where I will want to look and feel my best.  Now, that’s what I call motivation!




I kicked off the week with a colorful salad with tuna.  I picked up some fish for dinner tomorrow night and decided on simple and easy to prep turkey tacos for dinner on Wednesday.  That’s about as far as I got with this week’s meal plans.  I know the BOY is excited to work through his last few finals so that he can get back to the grill and his new smoker.


This morning I treated my tired body to a much needed day off.  After yesterday’s PR, it deserved some rest, but I am looking forward to getting back into my tri training groove later in the week.  My official race results from yesterday were posted, and I was spot on with my own self timing…

30-34 Female Jennifer 1:49:46.54 Streamwood, IL


What’s fun is that I placed 11/40 in my age and division and 205/850 in the entire race!  Combined with a PR, I am proud of my early season effort! 


Quick question for ya’ll before I head off to work…I am looking for some healthy and easy to prepare ideas for lunch…maybe even salads that can be made ahead.


Any suggestions?  Please post your links!!

11 thoughts on “Weird Week Ahead

  1. YEAH! Congratulations! A PR and some stellar stats! I’m doing whole 30 right now I agree that farmers markets and grilling make it much easier to eat clean! Your salad looks yummy! Sounds like you’re going to be a busy girl coming up, can’t wait to hear more!

    • I know…I am super interested in hearing about your Whole 30 journey and looking for any suggestions for breakfast and lunch that are easy to throw together. During the week, I think it requires a lot more planning. Thanks for the comment Renee. Wishing you and your family an awesome summer ahead!

  2. Congrats on the race PR! Very exciting. I love that you’re using gorgeous spring produce to motivate your cleaner diet! I always crave fresher foods in the warm months.

    • Me too! It’s amazing how all winter all I want is the comfort stuff and the moment the sun is shining i am all about fresh veggies and fruit. Do you guys still get that in California? I would LOVE to have farmer’s markets and sunshine all year long!!!

  3. Amazing job on that half PR! Seriously, I hope I can get that speedy in time! Those flowers are gorgeous and yay for filling the kitchen!

    • So the flowers were actually outside of the hospital at the cont ed course I took last weekend. I really wanted to photo them but didn’t want to look like a creep squatting with my phone in front of them trying to get the right angle. They were so pretty and cheerful, I had to share them on the blog. As for the speed, I really think all of my interval training has helped with my two races this year. I do it once a week and it gets my body used to running at a faster pace than it wants to : )

    • Yay! I know you’ve heard me yearning for this PR so thanks for the support and encouragement. The trip is really interesting and can’t wait to get things finalized in order to share : )

  4. Awesome job with the PR!! I am on the same “clean eating” plan as you right now too. So my thing for lunches is making a big stir fry of vegetables and some sort of protein (my current is tofu). I also cooked up some red quinoa for the week. I also will throw chicken in the crock pot / bake it and cut / shred it and use it for salads all week. I like to make mine the morning but I am sure you could do it the night before!

    • Megan, thanks so much for the suggestions. I love stirfry and I’m not sure what i didn’t even think of that. the crockpot chicken is an awesome idea too. And they are make ahead…perfect! When I read your comment last week that said you were on a week of fresh veggies and protein, I knew that I was going to follow that this week too. I appreciate the motivation! Hope you are feeling good and hanging in there!

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