May Day!

Just checking in today because it’s MAY!




It’s aMAYzing what a few days of sunshine can do for the soul!  It started with 4 glorious days in Florida and continued with two gorgeous days back home.  The sun is out, the windows are open, and almost overnight the grass has turned a bright green color.




It feels fantastic!

With a weekend of travel, I don’t have much to share in regards to recipes and I’m tapering before this weekend’s half marathon, so my workouts have been a bit dull (although I did run by the beach and swim some laps in Florida).




Because it is May 1st, it’s time to check in on my goals although I don’t have too much insight or perspective after working another 12 hour day.  The best part of the month was without a doubt celebrating my grandfather’s 101st birthday.  And I know that with spring finally in the air, it’s going to be a GOOD month of May!



April Goals

IRONMAN March/April

     -I haven’t counted out the miles, but I know I met my swim goal and went way over on my running.  I cycled at least 100 miles (mostly indoors), but was able to get outside for one bike ride.  This was a really fun goal and I hope to find more unique goals like it!

Find (and then use) my heart rate monitor

     -Found it!  Now I just have to change the battery and bring it along on a workout.

Set up my Tri/Running schedule

     -Done!  Training is going well, and I am looking forward to May’s half marathon and June’s sprint triathlon.

Feel comfy sporting my bathing suit in Florida

     -Well…there’s definitely room for improvement in this area.

Figure out what to do with my Google Reader List (I’d be lost without it!)

     -I’m signed up on BlogLovin’…any tips???


May Goals

-Use my heart rate monitor

-Beat last year’s Soldier Field 10 miler time

-Detox the diet

-Update my recipe page

***Edited to add…write summer bucket list!


What are you looking forward to this May???

16 thoughts on “May Day!

  1. I’m right there with you with the detox! Now that I can’t be so active I am going to be sticking to a ton of vegetables and just lean meats. I will also probably do a 5 day total detox of just raw veggies and a crap ton of water. My body needs a little TLC after the trauma it is going through!

    • 5 day detox is a great idea! I def need to cut out the sugar and bad stuff, but was way too tired to write out any details. I’m so happy that you got my gist : )

  2. Happy May! Glad the Chicago area is starting to dry out and warm up! and GOOD LUCK on your race this weekend!

  3. You did an awesome job of following up on your April goals! I wish I was that good with my follow through. This May, I am looking forward to spending more time outside and enjoying the spring weather. Good luck at your upcoming half!

  4. Love your list of goals and how lucky that you were able to get amazing weather in Florida and and then come back home to it! I love the 10 mile at Solider Field! It’s such a neat race! I’ve been dairy free this week and doing a sugar free challenge next week! So far so good!

    • Count me in for the sugar free week! When does it start? I have been mostly dairy free (I can’t give up fro yo…ha ha) and I love it. Soldier field is a great race and I am looking forward to it!

  5. Great job on your April goals, and fantastic May goals! How are you liking bloglovin’? I’ve used it forever, and it works great!

    It’s FINALLY feeling like spring in Minnesota, too! About time! 🙂

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