Marvelous Monday {Florida Edition}

Marvelous is spending the weekend with your happy and healthy grandpa celebrating his 101st Birthday. 




Need I say more?!  Even though #Grandpa Al hasn’t totally taken off, I know that pictures and birthday wishes are abuzz on Facebook between grandpa’s family and friends!  Thank you all SOOO much for all  of your warm wishes!  They made me smile and I know if grandpa understood a blog (or knew how to use a computer), he would appreciate them too!


Here are a few other Marvelous Moments from this weekend in Florida!




Marvelous is….


Waking up in Florida


Running along the Beach




Spending time by the pool catching up with cousins


Eating oysters with my brother and his marvelous gf




Looking through old family photos


Hearing old family stories




Participating in a special Saturday service


Watching grandpa make his own dinner (at 4:30pm)




Having cocktail hour on the lenai


Making Memories!





I hope that you had a marvelous weekend!

What have you been up to???

16 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday {Florida Edition}

  1. What a cutie! He is amazing -it boggles the mind to think of all that he has seen in his life- he is a walking history lesson (that is coming from someone who is a history lover). It just looks so lovely down there. I NEED a VACA!

    • It is really lovely down there, but i did hear that you guys had some nice weather up here too! What is great is that he remembers so much from 90 years ago through yesterday. He has the BEST stories!

  2. Your family is just abfab!!! God Bless every one of you and your grandpa truly is TRULY a MARVEL!

    • No worries! I just sent you an email. Glad it was a misunderstanding…I am half asleep after a long work day so I could have read it wrong too! Have a great night!

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