Biking and Burgers

So it’s Monday evening and I just realized that my most recent post is Five for Friday…yikes!  Not my most successful blogging weekend : )  No worries…I will try to make up for that in this post!  Thanks everyone for putting up with all of my complaints about the weather!  I understand that we don’t even have it the worst here in Chicago.  Good news…there are finally signs of spring.




Yesterday, I was on the move from morning to night!  But I did get in a long run.  It’s incredible how hard it is to sit in class all day after being on my feet all week long at work.  If I weren’t meeting a friend to run, I would have cancelled, so that was great planning on my part.  We started running a little before 6pm.  The sun was still shining and the weather warm.  We ran a little over 90 minutes with a few water breaks.  I don’t typically run in the evenings.  One reason is that I get tired and want to cancel, but the other reason is that my tummy often gives me trouble.  I stayed away from all of my usual tummy triggers yesterday in hopes of a strong run.  Sadly, my stomach did not agree with the run and I still had chills and pain 2 hours later.  Boo!  I climbed into bed around 10pm.  Needless to say, I didn’t set an alarm for this morning, figuring I’d be awake and ready for CrossFit or yoga at 9:30am.




When I finally opened my eyes and dragged myself out of bed, it was 10am.  I slept for 11 hours!!!  My stomach was feeling better but not great, so I went with a green purple smoothie for breakfast including everything but the kitchen sink (ie kale, cucumber, Greek yogurt, frozen berries).  The BOY had another pre-finals day at the library planned, but we did head out for a quick and early lunch at Panera.




This is the BOY’s dessert : )  It was so cute that I had to snap a photo!  We swung by the grocery store for ingredients to make turkey burgers tonight on the grill.


IMAG2223 IMAG2224


The BOY used his new burger making technique, to create some beautiful Santa Fe Turkey Burgers.




Aren’t these some gorgeous burgers?


IMAG2226 IMAG2227

IMAG2228 IMAG2229


While the BOY finished off his burgers, I prepped my bike for the first ride of the season!  Yes ladies and gentleman, I can finally stop complaining about the weather and get out on my bike!




My first plan was to ride my road bike, but the tires were flat and not filling up well.  My hybrid was the perfect back up.




Can you tell I’m psyched to get out and ride???




The weather was gorgeous and the path alive with walkers, runners, and bikers.  I was so happy to be out on my bike…even as I pedaled hard with tired legs against the headwind.  I made it almost all the way around the path before I was stopped by the flood. 




There was no way to make it through here, so I turned around and went back along the path and then cut across the road to make it home with enough time to change and grab a snack before my eye doctor appointment. 




Talk about packing a lot into the day!  I had to snap a selfie of how ridiculous I looked driving around in the sunshine with dilated eyes.  I took my tired self back home for laundry and other household things that didn’t happen this weekend.  Around 6pm, the BOY returned from the library and heated up the grill.




I am off to Florida at the end of the week, so there’s not much going on in terms of meal planning this week.  Our Santa Fe Turkey Burgers turned out awesome!  The BOY made them so there’s not much of a recipe to share, but I tried my best below!




Told you I could pack A TON into this post!

After a 12 mile bike ride, my legs are ready for some rest.  It’s time to sit back and relax with some tea and a dark chocolate square!

See you tomorrow!




Santa Fe Turkey Burgers

Created by The BOY



1.25 lbs ground turkey meet (we used 93/7%)

Chopped onion and green peppers


Spices (the BOY was in charge of this area but it looked like garlic powder, sea salt, worchester, and soy sauce)

Feta (optional)



Mix all ingredients together.

Form into patties.

Grill or bake in the oven.

21 thoughts on “Biking and Burgers

  1. You DID get your long run in this weekend! Yay! Although not sure it was worth it for all the troubles. Hope you are feeling better.

    And you can complain allllll you want to me about the weather. I’m the world biggest wimp, so your pictures make me cold FOR you! Fingers crossed that beautiful sunshine sticks around 😉

    • I know! It looked a little wet this morning and I heard that rain was on its way. Luckily I am on MY way to FL where the sun is always shining (at least it better be this weekend). I did survive the run and am feeling SO MUCH better. THANKS!

  2. You do rock those glasses! I am with you about running in the am as opposed to after work-it’s just too easy to come up with an excuse to cancel! I was out yesterday and I could feel spring in the air even though it was barely 40. For a So. California girl it is sad that I’m thinking that 40 isn’t bad…..

    • It is so sad, but I agree about spring…it really is right around the corner. I did see some deer out yesterday which always reminds me of warm weather. With a run and bike behind me this weekend, I have got to head out for the pool. Have a great week!

  3. Finally! We’re almost there….warm & moist for this AM’s walk…but I saw mention of rain/snow for later….anyway we really love a few tspns of gardinera in our turkey burgers too – if you like a kick! Got me thinkin I’ll make some on the grill tonight! also – recently bought some ridiculously expensive pine nuts for my kale salad AND DID NOT READ THE LABEL (for shame)….from China – stomach cramps & metal mouth for 2 days…just a friendly warning…

    • I appreciate the warning…that is awful! Gardinera on the burgers is an awesome idea! I saw that Mariano’s has gardinera sausages that the BOY was excited about. I topped my burger with avocado and had a sweet potato on the side. It was an awesome meal! Enjoy your walk!

  4. We are opposites when it comes to running. When I run morning races, I have tummy trouble but when I run in the evening, no problems at all!! Have a great trip to Florida!!

  5. I have GI issues when I run hard and far and can relate… many nights on the couch with stomach cramps after a run! I’ve learned, though, what foods I can’t eat in the day prior (sweet potatoes, gluten, which I don’t eat anyway, quinoa), and that’s helped a lot. Be sure you’re hydrated, too! Hooray for a bike ride! I’m getting mine outside on Saturday after months on the trainer and cannot wait!

    • Hope you enjoyed getting out this weekend! There are bikers all over Florida and I’m sad not to have my bike. Than’s for the advice! What are your fave no gluten per run carbs?

  6. […] went way over on my running.  I cycled at least 100 miles (mostly indoors), but was able to get outside for one bike ride.  This was a really fun goal and I hope to find more unique goals like […]

  7. […] was incredible to see the lush green grass and the trees and flowers beginning to bloom.  I wasn’t sure how much of the path was still flooded and was bummed to see this section still covered.  I debated turning around, but in the end […]

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