Five for Friday II

1. I arrived home to a hail storm tonight.  Seriously?  I am done with this weather!




2. The BOY and I finally started watching Downton Abbey.  We are only a few episodes in, and I LOVE it!



3. Per my training schedule, I’m supposed to run 12 miles this weekend.  Unfortunately, I am in a continuing ed class all day tomorrow and Sunday, so I have no idea when I will get it in.  With this awful weather, it doesn’t seem likely and there is no way that I am running 2 hours around an indoor track.




4.  I am still deeply saddened by  Monday’s marathon, but my heart warms every time I read about the support for Boston runners and residents!   This is my favorite quote…


Real RunnersReal Runners@RunningQuotes

"If you’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathon runners are the wrong group to target."

-David & Kelvin Bright #runforboston


Are you participating in Chicago Runs For Boston?



5. These cookie dough balls are even more delicious than I remember.  I love having a stash in the freezer!

26 thoughts on “Five for Friday II

  1. Dang, you got some serious hail! We got some small pellets in my area, but nothing too big and it all melted once it hit the ground. I hope the weather improves so you can get your long run in (and just so we have better weather in general). Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Those cookie balls should be deemed amaze balls. And, I love that quote about marathoners! Cute blog!!
    emma @

  3. Friends and fam in Toronto and Ottawa have been telling me that the weather has been bizarre, so it makes sense that Chicago isnt too far off! NUTS! Good luck with the 12 miles this weekend 😉 Seriously love all the running quotes..I want to re-tweet all of them but then I am sure people will get a little annoyed of me 😀

    • I did! After class today, I met my friend and we ran a little over 90 minutes. Not sure how long we went but I think I’ve got it in me for the half marathon in 2 weeks. The weather was actually pretty nice which was a huge treat. Crossing my fingers for sunny skies on my day off tomorrow!

  4. I don’t blame you for not wanting to run on a track! The weather is really cramping your style, huh? I hope you got a long run in somehow.

    San Diego has a Run for Boston tomorrow night. It’s my rest day, but I’m definitely heading down to walk the dog and show Boston some love!

    • Great idea! I am working on getting my hands on a tshirt too to support everyone affected! We did have sunshine today…Hooray! And I was able to get in a decent run after class. Although not my fastest effort, I felt good for the full 90 minutes!

    • Yes…it meant 2 rest days for sure which it appears that I needed because I have been wiped out. It’s amazing how exhausting sitting in class can be : ) Luckily I am off to FL for some sunny skies and good running!

  5. Now I am going to have to watch Downton Abbey. I have heard so much about it. Sounds like a good way to spend a weekend!

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