High Waters

How was your day?  If you answered wet, then I feel your pain!


We got hit BIG TIME with rain and flooding, making for quite the eventful morning!  I had planned on meeting a friend at the track for a run this morning.  When I woke up super early, rain was pouring and our house was shaking with thunder.  I decided I should hit the road anyways because the longer I waited, the worst traffic would be.  All was going well until I got close to the track/work and hit a flooded road.  My detour yielded similar results, but I did get to the track.  I arrived late, but met my friend.  We abandoned the interval idea and chose to run and chat instead.




Ps I did still eat my overnight oats on the go but ultimately decided that I needed two hands on the wheel, so didn’t finish them until I got to work.  About halfway through my run, the skies got REALLY dark, like pitch black dark, and a storm rolled in.  Because there are so many windows, you could definitely sense the strength of the storm.




I finished up my run, showered, and headed off to see my first patient.  However, my car was buried under one of the biggest puddles I’ve ever seen.




I sloshed through the puddle to climb into my car, sadly discovering that my rain boots have hole.  Total bummer!




Despite my best efforts, I hit a few more flooded roads.  I texted this picture to the BOY as I was trying to decide whether or not to forge ahead.




I decided NO…everyone on the radio said not to head into standing water, but the minute I turned around, an 80 year old lady came racing by making it through the flood unharmed.  I had to smile at that!  It was definitely a crazy start to the day…I haven’t seen that much rain and flooding since I lived in Memphis!  I hope that everyone is back in their warm houses safe and sound…rumor has it that sunshine is around the corner!


Edited to Add…

My coworker took the best picture today of people canoeing through a soccer field…yea…there was that much rain!

14 thoughts on “High Waters

  1. Ugh, the weather last night and today was super crazy. I can’t believe some of the stories I heard and saw on the news about people getting flooded out so badly. Hopefully things dry out quickly! I’m glad you didn’t get stuck in that giant puddle.

    • I can’t remember seeing flooding this bad since moving back to Chicago! I saw some crazy stories too! Hope you are safe down in Naperville. I know you are close to the river.

  2. Oh my gosh, that old lady is crazy! I guess she’s seen her share of “puddles.” Good thing it wasn’t a sinkhole!

    Has Spring even started for you guys?! Sunshine has to be around the corner. It just has to. The weather is so unfair I’m whining FOR you 🙂

    • I’m afraid my bike may never make it out of the garage. I am sooo sad!!! Did you seen the hail today? It was miserable! I’m ready to be done with this 27 degree business!

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