They’re Back

Overnight oats are back!




Woo Hoo!  It’s been a little while since I’ve had this breakfast, so I whipped up a batch in prep for tomorrow morning’s track workout.  I am meeting a coworker at the indoor track near work, so it was an early morning…perfect for breakfast in the car.  I convinced my coworker to try one of my new favorite interval workouts, so we’ll see how it goes.  With breakfast and a friend waiting, it will be hard to sleep in…even if it is another grey day!


Not yet back…the sun!




It’s been way too long since we’ve seen you!


Also back in the picture…




Banana Soft Serve (with almond butter)!




This stuff is amazing!  But even better with a tiny cookie dough ball.




It’s about as close to a homemade DQ blizzard as you can get!




Although my workouts are going well (I ran 9.5 miles this weekend), my eating has been a bit overboard.  It’s really time to get that BACK on track!



What’s back in your world???



Banana Almond Butter Soft Serve



1 frozen banana

2-3 tbsp almond milk

1-2 tbsp almond butter

Chocolate chips (optional)



Place frozen banana and almond milk in food processor.  Blend until smooth, adding more milk as needed.  Add almond butter and chocolate chips (if using) and blend until well combined.  Eat immediately!

Optional: Stir in more chocolate chips, peanuts, or Vegan Cookie Dough Balls!

18 thoughts on “They’re Back

  1. I WISH overnight oats were back in my life! I used to eat them so often.. but just not feeling it lately (aka..months). Smoothies are rocking my world though – I have one almost everyday.. probably because spring is here (west coast living) and it’s sunny out! I hope you guys get some sun soon soon soon! Those cookie dough balls look amazing…

    • They are the BEST! You should make a batch and store them in the freezer! We don’t have anything like spring yet, so I a not getting into my smoothies, but can’t wait for the farmer’s markets to open!

  2. Chia seeds are back in my world and I have you to thank! You mentioned them to me last week and had completely forgotten about them. I found a bag in the pantry and gave them the love they deserve. Thanks for the reminder 😉

    I’ve never tried overnight oats, but I feel like I need to. Muesli is one of my favorite breakfasts in Europe. Is it like that?

  3. I have a bunch of frozen bananas, and this is the perfect way to use ’em. My bf and I both have a serious sweet tooth, so this is a great alternative to ice cream!

  4. Hope the track workout went well!
    Those cookie dough balls look so good!
    OUTSIDE CYCLING is back in my world! Well, I got in my first ride today, but I think that’ll be it for a while. We’re in for rain/snow mix tomorrow and Saturday.

    • I hope that your storm is nothing like what we got today…it was some of the worst flooding I’ve ever seen! I may not be getting out for a LONG time, but glad you fit in a ride!

  5. […] got hit BIG TIME with rain and flooding, making for quite the eventful morning!  I had planned on meeting a friend at the track for a run this morning.  When I woke up super early, rain was pouring and our house was […]

  6. I’ve been debating whether to make overnight oats my go-to breakfast again! I haven’t decided if it’s quite warm enough out yet to have a cold breakfast, especially after the snow today. 😦 Soon though, soon the overnight oats will be back in my life!

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