Indoor BRICK

With the launch of running season behind me and a Shamrock Shuffle 8k PR in my pocket, it is time to dive into some more serious training.  Ok, so probably not super serious, but definitely more time consuming!  I took the time to schedule out my workouts leading up to the half marathon on May 5th and sprint triathlon on June 16.  I am behind a bit in long runs, but have a weather dependent 10 miler scheduled for tomorrow with a friend.  On the calendar for today, my first BRICK of the year!


Unfortunately, I had a conference call this AM and missed my new spin class and the weather was not conducive to busting out my bike.  Total bummer because it’s almost May and my bike is still hanging up in the garage.  Since I am new to joining the park district, I sometimes forget about the resources I have access to for training.  When I arrived this morning, I asked if I could use the spin room for my workout.  They said that’d be fine but since the room was locked, it didn’t work out.  They mentioned that there are spin bikes, with clips in the gym that were currently empty.




I walked over to the bikes and discovered this high-tech spin bike.




Have you seen anything like this?

Since It’s been over a year since I had a gym membership, I have not.  I flipped through some of the programs and got started with an endurance ride.  However, the ride was pretty boring and so 10 minutes in, I switched to intervals.  It was much more engaging to have the instructor in the video pushing me along, but the music was pretty lame.  He claimed it was to help me ‘relax my upper body’.  Personally, I prefer something a little more upbeat, so I plugged into my ipod while following the directions written on the screen.  After 45 minute, I was sweating and pleased with my ride.  Not as exiting as a spin class but definitely better than pedaling away alone on a stationary bike!




I changed my shoes, wiped down the bike, and found my way to the track for a 15 minute run.  Ahh…now I remember why this workout is called a BRICK.  It took me about 8 minutes to get into my groove, but the last half of the run left me feeling strong!  It was definitely a solid workout considering I had to stay indoors.  Here’s to hoping the rest of this year’s BRICKS can take place outside!  We had late lunch plans, so I came home to shower and have a quick snack.  I was craving a banana and almond butter, but my banana was super mushy…yuck!  So I mashed it up, stirred in the almond butter and a dash of cinnamon.




I know it probably doesn’t look appetizing, but I dug in with a spoon and it tasted awesome!  The perfect carb/protein combo to tide me over until lunch.



What was your workout today?

Any random post workout snacks that you like?

19 thoughts on “Indoor BRICK

  1. That bike looks pretty fancy!! I have not taken a spin class before. I need to add that to my bucket list!! Sounds like they are a lot of fun!

  2. what a great idea, to put the spin ‘instructor’ in the gym… hey, DD, noticed you linked to the shamrock shuffle and a PR… !!!!!!!!!!! way to go!!!
    heading to yoga, hot yoga at a new gym in the city… OM yoga.. and awaiting my new purple brooks kicks… have a fun day DD… run fast!

  3. I’ve never seen a bike like that!! I had to laugh how you TRIED to make the most of it, but ended up with the iPod on your ears for the remainder. This is so me! Great job on your brick!! You’ve got this upcoming TRI!!

    • Thank you!! I’m really excited for it! I have been swimming more time this year than all of last summer so I’d say that’s a great start. If I’m pushing away on the bike then I NEED some heart pumping music. Luckily I have a spin mix on my ipod!

  4. That spin bike is awesome! I have a spin app on my iphone just in case I get in a situation like you did. I’ve never actually used it though. I had my last spin class of the season yesterday, makes me sad. Hopefully the weather will break soon and I can get outside on my bike. The great thing about bricks is the more you do them, the easier they get!

    • I hear you on the weather. I was pouting about my bike sitting alone on the garage in late April…I hope to be outside SOON! A spin ap is an awesome idea! I bet it has better music : )

  5. that bike looks sick! def dont got any of those at my gym lol.. i cant wait for outdoor bike rides, i live by hills so just going for a half hour tops you really feel the burn! love it.. and i always eat the most unappetizing stuff thats amazing, esp after a good workout i feel i will eat anything put infront of me lol

  6. What is a BRICK?! I am sure I could google but I’ll let you tell me! I have seen at my gym bikes that are like video games, I don’t know if you clip into them or not but I have seen them! Way to go with working out even though you were stuck inside!

    • Good question!
      BRICK is a workout (usually done during tri training) where you bike and then immediately run afterwards. Your legs feel like their are bricks attached to them when you start running (not sure that’s where the name comes from) but it does take some getting used to. It’s awesome cross training and always makes for a challenging workout.

      • I have ran before after biking and my legs always felt like jello and that they were moving super fast with out any sort of control. I do remember that feeling going away in about a minute though!

  7. Super cool spin bike! I haven’t seen one like that before. My tri bike is currently on the trainer, and I’m itching to get on the road! #hurryupspring

    Great job on your first brick this year!

    • We have nothing but rain this week and I am cranky to say the least! I am in a class all weekend so I don’t know if I will ever get out on my bike. So luckily the special bike at the gym is easy to get to.

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