Shuffling in the City

Chicago race season starts this weekend! 

Hooray for running and 312 beer!




Although many Chicagoans shy away from this monstrosity of a race (I think 40,000 people register), I am embracing it!  Tomorrow I am going to hit up the expo at Navy Pier and then Sunday is the post race party.  Since I have Cubs opening day tickets on Monday, I will be crashing at my brothers for a few nights (without my computer).  As he pointed out, I am having an atypical race weekend with a friend’s Saturday night party and a weekend full of festivities.  Sounds like fun…right?


In honor of the start of race season, I thought it would be fun to share some information about my first race of the year…


Random Facts About the Shamrock Shuffle

  • This is the 34th annual Shamrock Shuffle
  • Professionals love this flat course…U.S. Olympian Lisa Uhl will lace up her racing shoes for her first competition in Chicago this weekend
  • It is the country’s largest 8k race
  • The race sold out for the 9th straight year in a row
  • 57.9 percent of the field is female, meaning there are about 6,200 more women running than men.
  • The average age of female runners is 34 years old (don’t I feel young?)
  • Aurora is the Chicago suburb with the highest number of participants
  • The race starts and finishes in the same location as the Chicago Marathon

This is my second year running the shuffle.  The first time was in 2011 when I finished the 8k race in 39.17.  I’m not so sure that I will be beating that time this year, but I do know it will be one exciting weekend!  I’ll check back in with ya’ll soon!



Anyone else braving the crowds and running this weekend?

What is your first race this season?

19 thoughts on “Shuffling in the City

  1. I’ll be there! It’s my first Shamrock Shuffle–I just moved to Chicago and wasn’t able to make it to the race in previous years. As long as I finish I’ll PR since it’s my first 8K. 🙂 My first race of the year was a half marathon last week. I’m excited for racing season to start. Have a great weekend and good luck on Sunday! And enjoy the home opener on Monday. 🙂

    • Your excitement is contagious! Thank you so much for your comment. The Shuffle is crowded but super fun and exciting. Way to go on your half. I am excited to get racing too! See you at the after party!

  2. RUN FAST! such a better weather time than mid march! I think your cross training will help your time, you are strong!

    I will miss your posts, but look forward to seeing you in the city on sunday… HUGS DD!

  3. Good luck!! Sounds like fun! Look for Danni that won the Biggest Loser. I hear she is going to be at the expo!

    • Ha ha! Thanks…only 33,000 showed up so it wasn’t too bad. They actually did an awesome job spacing people out so it never felt that crowded and the streets were liked with people cheering. I think one big time race a year is fun!

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