Out Like a Lamb

This title seemed only fitting after my initial March post titled In Like a Lion.  Thankfully, after a few snow storms and quite a chilly month, March did come to an end more like a lamb than a lion.  With 50 degree weather this weekend, the BOY and I have been able to walk along the path out back and clean off the grill.  And since today is Easter, we have a nice relaxing day planned!




I got a rejuvenating 9+ hours of sleep last night and woke up right before 8am without an alarm.  I made a filling breakfast omelet before going to a 10am yoga class.  I was super excited to see that my yoga studio was open today and happy to leave the house while the BOY got busy with his meat smoker (see previous post for fully explanation).  This morning’s class was tough yet revitalizing.  I don’t think I have sweat that much in months!  At the end of our relaxation, I would have been happy to stay on my mat soaking in the good vibes and peace throughout the room.  When I left the studio, the sun was shining and for the first time, it smelled like spring!


The BOY and I spent the day at home hanging out and enjoying some much needed down time!  I finally had time to upload music to my new computer (I desperately need to update my ipod) and set up my training schedule for spring.




For dinner, we made a full chicken on the grill.  Ok, I just said we, but the only thing that I did to help was find the spices in our spice cabinet.  The BOY did all of the work and was quite proud of himself!


IMAG1987 IMAG1990


Rightfully so…it was a pretty awesome dinner!





As the month comes to an end today, here are a few accomplishments worth mentioning…I increased my activity level, adding some speed intervals and took care of myself with a massage.  The BOY and I created some successful meal plans and hosted a dinner party.  There was a ton of basketball thrown into the mix too!  I got to the pool twice and made some decent headway towards IRONMAN March.


IRONMAN March Update



1.25 miles out of 2.4 miles



23 miles out of 112 miles



34 out of 26.2 miles



March Goals

Try some new classes

     -I finally made it to a spin class!


     -This is such a fun goal!  I finished the run portion,, but have a long way to go on the biking and swimming, so I am making this the IRONMAN March/April goal.

No added sugar

     -I seem to have forgotten about this goal.  Oops!  My eating has been about the same and I still have some changes to make to feel comfortable in my tri suit this spring.

Unplug more often

     -Although I posted quite a bit this month, I did take time to unplug from reading and writing, which I think has helped me de-stress, especially during the workweek. 


April goals

-IRONMAN March/April

-Find (and then use) my heart rate monitor

-Set up my Tri/Running schedule

-Feel comfy sporting my bathing suit in Florida

-Figure out what to do with my Google Reader List (I’d be lost without it!)



Ok, after all of this seriousness, I had to finish the post with a funny!


Funny Passover Ecard: My version of pornography is spending Passover week staring at cupcake boards on Pinterest.

14 thoughts on “Out Like a Lamb

  1. That chicken… YUM!

    I need to unplug more, too… it’s SO difficult to disconnect!

    Great April goals, too! You’ll love training with a HR monitor. And, the solution to google reader… bloglovin’! It’s awesome 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m going to investigate bloglovin’s today! I used to train with my HRM all of the time and then got out of the habit. I have to figure out where it is hiding but I can’t wait to get back to using it! Crossing my fingers for an outdoor bike ride REAL soon!

  2. I have your HR monitor…. we need to send them in for new batteries…

    google reader? bloglovin? help~~~ !

    yesterday was a fun unplugged day here too.. more letting go of stuff and taking it to the curb… ah sweet! DH had to take to the chair for recovery…


    • I asked if you had it and you said no!
      Hrrumph! (is that how you spell it?) Let’s figure that out on Thursday so we can get training : ) So happy that you enjoyed some down time and sorry to hear that Dad was worked to the bone! Hope he is better today!

    • Oh no!!! I had no idea it was possible to snow after April 1st : ) It was a little chilly today but luckily still sunny. I hope the week ahead gets warmer and warmer every day. Sending sunny thoughts your way!

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