Dusting off the Cobwebs

I love to spin!

I took my first class 10 years ago and have loved it ever since.  I was actually spinning every week years before the thought of purchasing an outdoor bike even crossed my mind.  I’ve taken spin classes in almost every city that I’ve lived since college, and I’ve had the opportunity to ride with some incredible teachers!


Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, because it crossed my mind as I was getting ready to go to spin this morning that you don’t know this about me because it’s been close to two years since I’ve been to a spin class.  I’m not exactly sure how I let that happen, but it definitely has something to do with the fact that when I moved in with the BOY a few years ago, I didn’t like the spin instructors at my new gym (like I said, I’ve been spoiled with some unique and motivating instructors) and then a year ago I quit the gym.  I have missed spinning ever since and get jealous when I read about the fun cycling studios on the east and west coasts.


I woke up this morning hoping to be able to attend the spin class at our park district (where I have been swimming and running along the track).  I made a spinach egg in a half pita for breakfast.




And then walked upstairs to drag the BOY out of bed.  Last night, he was all talk about going to the gym this morning, so I provided some extra encouragement to get him moving.  Meanwhile, I had to dig my spin shoes out of the garage and literally dust off the cobwebs before throwing them into my bag.




The spin class only has 10 bikes, so I was happy to see there was one available for me.  The BOY headed down to the gym to shoot some hoops while I adjusted my bike, clipped in, and warmed up my legs.  I had absolutely NO idea what to expect for the class, but I was hoping for that 600 calorie burn feeling that I’ve come to expect from a spin class.




It took me about 20 minutes to get into my groove on the bike before adrenaline started pumping and I got lost in the music as we climbed up three challenging hills.  At the end of class, I was covered in sweat and basking in that post bike ride glow.  It wasn’t the toughest class I’ve ever taken, but definitely good for the local park district.




What was fun about the bikes is that they showed rpm and distance which helped push me throughout the class.  After 60 minutes of continuous movement, I rode 23 miles which are the first biking miles to add to my Ironman March goal.  The BOY was waiting for me after we stretched, also sweating with red cheeks.  I forgot how exhausting biking is and was happy to have a few Coconut Balls left at home to snack on before lunch and Saturday errands.


So here’s the deal…I am eyeing a mid-June triathlon.

Last year, I let work and life stress get the best of me.  At the start of 2013, I vowed not to let this happen again.  One of my strategies for this year is to find some races and get training because as I described in this post, for me training leads to healthy lifestyle decisions and feeling good.  Plus, I just love setting a new goal and working to achieve it.  If I want to achieve a June triathlon (less than 3 months away) with this uncooperative weather (more snow expected tomorrow), I NEED to get to work!  This week of swimming and spinning is really the perfect start!  I haven’t been feeling much like a triathlete lately, but I got a glimpse of that back today.  And that has me feeling REAL GOOD!

16 thoughts on “Dusting off the Cobwebs

  1. A triathalon would be awesome! I love spin classes, too. Such a great workout! I used to go multiple times a week when I belonged to BGFC, but now I just use my road bike on a trainer at home (since my current gym doesn’t have spin classes). And in the summer, I get to take the road bike out on the road. 🙂

    • Did you ever have Sheila as an instructor? That is my mom’s personal trainer! I don’t have any where to put a trainer in our house and always worried I would be bored staring at the walls. I love the energy of a strong class with a cool dark room and motivating music. I used to take a great class at EAC that I miss all the time.

  2. YA, it’a about the burn, but DD, it is for sure also about the SOX…. great sox! You are inspiring me to dig for my out of comfort zone fitness goal this year… 4/15 will be over and then it will be time for ME!

  3. A triathlon would be awesome! Have you done one before? What distance are you looking at? I’ve been considering signing up for one, so I’m looking forward to watching your training and progress 🙂 Good luck!!

      • You are welcome! I figure if my mom can successfully complete a tri so can anyone : ) It’s all about the training but there are great places online to find program to follow. The best part is that triathletes are one of the nicest group of people EVER!

  4. The bike is the BEST! If I could pick one of the three tri sports, it would definitely be the bike 🙂 So excited you’re gonna do a June tri!

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