Five For Friday I

I’ve never done a Five for Friday post, but it just seems like the right way to sum up my day!


1. The sun was shining today and it made me very happy!  Especially the part where I got to walk around outside and soak up the vitamin D!



2. We finally made Stirfry for dinner this week.  The BOY did most of the work and this simple recipe is always perfect for Friday nights.





3. March madness…Woo Hoo!  Need I say more???


4. Is there any better way to end the work week?





5.  This post made me laugh out loud!  It’s titled World’s Top 10 Funniest Images of Sheep!


Ok that was a fun and easy post to write.  Perhaps you’ll see another one next Friday!


Funny Sports Ecard: Lets enjoy the first days of spring watching college basketball in a windowless bar.

20 thoughts on “Five For Friday I

  1. Were all about March Madness over here.. however with all these upsets, my bracket is looking rough. Dang Georgetown!!

    • Ha ha!
      We just watched the end of that game. What a crazy upset. There are definitely some real bracket busters (buh bye Wisconsin!). Can’t wait for more bball tomorrow and Sunday!

  2. A: I was surprised meeting mom at TJ’s was not one of the top five!! #6 maybe?

    B: the top ten sheep comes from a blogger who liked one of my blogs… look for his top ten kit kat cakes and then check out (how’s that for self-serving)! when I learn to link…. watch out world1

    hugs DD…more hugs…

  3. That stir fry looks stunning. I want some.
    My Hubby is all about March Madness, pretty much all the men in my life are. I read blogs on my iPad while he watches the game. He makes a fire for me though so there’s that.

    • I miss having a fire place! That makes these chilly spring nights so much more tolerable! My mom is like that during FB season. My dad watches the Giants and she knits next to him repeating what the commentators say.

      Ps found the stirfry veggies at Costco in the freezer section. I steam them and then just throw them in. So easy and they are awesome!

    • I’m not sure when I got into college bball but for the past few years I have been loving the tournament! It’s more fun this year now that I was able to join the BOY as an IU fan : )

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