Who’s Jenna?

And why do I hate her so much?


After eating more carbs this weekend than I had in the previous 2 months combined (not a complaint, just a fact), it was necessary to start Monday morning off well!




I made a batch of Friday Morning Pancakes for breakfast.  But instead of eating them with a pint, I had myself a mug of Chai tea.




Then sat down to check out what CrossFit had in store for me this morning.  Apparently the answer was Jenna?!




All I can say is that this was the HARDEST WORKOUT EVER (and I didn’t even do the Px weight).  I don’t even know the last time that I did a dead lift, and I was worried that I would hurt my back.  But we did a lot of practice and warm up without any weight before practicing with weight.  In the end, I decided to go with 85 pounds.  The Manmakers were an entirely different story.  I didn’t feel anything like a man, just like a baby who wanted to cry.




A Manmaker starts in the pushup position holding onto two dumbbells. 

One rep goes as follows…

Push Up

Left Row

Push Up

Right Row

Push Up



Press Overhead



14 reps took up the majority of my time and I used 20 pound weights.  I definitely didn’t get my chest down to the ground on every push up and my heart was beating out of my chest.  Somehow I finished just shy of the 20 minute max in 18:30.  It was brutal!  And I was super sweaty when I was done!




Not too sweaty to make a quick stop by Target to pick up some colorful socks for the Shamrock Shuffle next month.  Then, I swung back home to pick up the BOY for lunch and errands…our typical Monday activities!




We went to Jason’s Deli for soups, sandwiches, and salads.

And of course, the free ice cream!




We had some major shopping to do at Costco, and our car was packed by the time we pulled back into the driveway.




After a cold and icy morning, we were both thrilled to be back home in our warm house!

And I needed to rest my exhausted body on the couch while I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy!

16 thoughts on “Who’s Jenna?

  1. I’m not sure if my comment posted or not but I’ll try again! I had a date two weeks ago with cross fit but I had to reschedule it. I’m very nervous as it’s coming back up again! Good for you for tackling Jenna!

  2. Yeah, really . . . what’s up with the weather around here?!? Yuck. Love the socks you found for the Shamrock Shuffle–they’ll be perfect! btw, my compression socks were ProCompression. Nice job with Jenna. That sounds insane. Manmakers totally kick my butt–it’s the push-ups that kill me!

    • I’ve never run in a knee high from Target but we’ll see how it goes! I did find your socks online but decided to go with the cheap version instead : ) I thought it would be the pushups but the overhead push with 40 pounds kicked my butt!

  3. I’ve fallen behind on Grey’s, I need to get caught up! Also, I’ve never been to Jason’s Deli but we do have them down here. I’m tempted by the free ice cream!

    • It’s REALLY good ice cream, I’m not gonna lie : )
      But I really like their sandwiches and they had 8 soups which was perfect for today’s crumby Chicago day. I know other’s have left, but I am still hooked on Grey’s!

  4. Gah, crossfit still scares me BUT I am going to give it a go after my half marathon.. ease into it. Jenna looks like a beast! Eats looks delish.. and free ice cream?! Can never, ever, say no to that!

    • No I can’t! We have a few more coupons at the froyo place and I can’t wait to head back. I agree that CF can be intimidating but I think it is all about the people. I have such a nice group that it is easy to dive right in.

  5. Wow! Man-makers sound SERIOUS!! Good job conquering “Jenna”!! Do all cross fit workouts have names like that?

    • I don’t think so although a lot of them are people’s names. Ask me again in a month and then I will have a better idea…ha ha!

      I can tell you that Jenna is awful! Thanks for the support!

  6. Nice work on Jenna! I don’t think I ever did that wod when I CFed religiously… it looks hard! My good friend Hyedi is running the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, too!

    • Woo Hoo! It is one fun race with a fantastic party at the end. I’m just hoping the weather is nice because this week is COLD! Hopefully you won’t have to meet Jenna : ) My shoulders are so sore I almost couldn’t unhook my bra!

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