{Almost} Spring Training

It has been too long since I got up early for a Saturday morning run!  Not that I haven’t been running (I’ve been a consistent visitor to the indoor track), but my long weekend runs tend to taper off in the winter.  Back in the day, winter Saturdays were all about spin class but now I don’t have a gym.  Recently, I have been slow to get out the door Saturday mornings.  With my first half marathon 8 weeks away, I am behind on my miles.




So, I made a running date this morning with my trainer.  Last night, I was wiped out!  It was a pretty exhausting week and once my bottom sunk into that couch, I thought I’d never leave again.  But I made my way up the stairs for an early bed time dedicated to this morning’s run.  For early Saturday workouts, bed time is half the battle!




Morning came quickly and breakfast was my new favorite breakfast bowl.  I wish that I could show some beautiful sunrise photos, but when I stepped onto the driveway, I was greeted with cold, heavy, rain.  I ran back inside to swap out my shoes and grab an extra water proof layer.




The rain slowed some but the drizzle continued throughout our 55 minute run.  We initially tried to find a path, but it was covered in snow and slush.  Instead, we wound our way through the neighborhood….the hilly neighborhood.  My indoor track is expectantly flat, so the hills were a welcome challenge!  I will spare you the post run photos, but I finished with bright red cheeks and wet matted down hair.




Post run snack was a pear with almond butter.  I was way too cold and wet for a smoothie.  I changed into warm, dry clothes and sunk back into my couch with some tea and The Biggest Loser (tearing up every few minutes during the makeover episode).  Please tell me that all of the family reunions get you choked up too!  It feels fantastic to have my Saturday morning run behind me before 9am.  With an 8k 4 weeks away and a 13.1 8 weeks away, I am excited for running season to begin.  Bring on the SPRING and the training!


Whose running a spring race?

How did you start your Saturday morning?

8 thoughts on “{Almost} Spring Training

  1. You are brave to be out running in those cold and rainy conditions! I started my Saturday with a 10 mile race. I will be running a half marathon in 3 weeks and enjoyed the run outside (it was much nicer here in lexington today)

    • Congrats to you! I love the 10 miler distance…so fun! Enjoy your training and best of luck with your 13.1. So jealous of your lovely weather. Would you send some my way!!!

  2. Good for you for getting out the door! I ran a trail 5k out in Palatine through about 6-7 inches of snow. It was crazy but also pretty fun :). I’m getting ready to head out for a training run this morning in the rain… hopefully this weekend is a fluke and the rest of our spring is fairly dry!

    • Yes, I am always so nervous to see what the weather for the Shamrock Shuffle will be as spring is so unpredictable. A snowy trail run sounds great but today just looks like slush. Stay warm and dry!!!

  3. It’s amazing you went out in that weather. Um, awesome much.
    I actually did a one mile run yesterday and I don’t run at all, but gotta start training for the Tough Mudder. It wasn’t too bad, but the weather was beautiful. Hope you got some of the sunshine we had this weekend.

    • Oh! It’s one of the best on oatmeal or in a wrap. Dare I say better than apple and AB?! I feel like by March us Midwesterners are allowed to start crabbing about the weather. I looked through my blog for last March and found a bunch of pictures of me outdoors in the sunshine. So not fair!

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