Speed and Snow

Do you like to add speed and hill work to your training?

Me?  Not so much!


But there’s nothing like running around an indoor track to motivate me to do speed work.  Because let’s be honest, there’s only so many trips around a 1/12 mile loop a person can make before going crazy!




Yesterday morning, I decided to beat the storm to the park district track.  I’ve been alternating 35-40 minute speed workouts (depending on how many times I snooze) with varying intervals to avoid boredom.  Yesterday, I took a tip from the treadmill queen herself and used my music to fuel my intervals.  My legs were sore from CrossFit as I kicked into a fast pace to the beat of the music.




Compared to my usual intervals, these were shorter but more frequent.  I wasn’t even thinking about time as I watched the snow piling up on the cars in the parking lot and I rocked out to some oldy but goodie music.  Confession, I haven’t updated my ipod in like three years.  I am adding that to my to do list!




After my workout, I drove back home to get ready for work.  My cheeks were bright pink and my body so hot that I totally fogged up my windows.  Since everyone seemed to have a snow day, the roads were empty allowing me an easy commute to work.  My work day was cut short due to the snow, and I certainly didn’t complain when I arrived at my parents’ house before 5pm.  They were wonderful hosts as always!  My Dad made stirfry for dinner and my mom poured the wine.  Even more exciting, we booked our tickets to Florida for the end of April.




I must say that the box jumps combined with the speed work have left my legs burning with every squat and step today, but I am not complaining…I love the burn!  I am hoping that adding intervals this winter will help me reach my goals to PR a half marathon, beat my 2011 Shamrock Shuffle time (that’s next month), and squeeze into those skinny jeans!


My favorite Speed Workouts

*I typically run but have also used the stationary bike or done walk/run intervals


90 second/90 second run/sprint intervals

60 second sprint/2 minute recovery intervals

Ladder training 15-15/30-30/45-45,etc. and then work your way back done

Music Intervals at a fast pace, then sprinting for short durations during the chorus


Looking to do more speed work, Caitlin just posted 3 Workout Ideas for a Speedy 5k.

This was my first addition towards the Ironman March challenge.  Since there was no way I would be counting laps, I am guessing my distance to be around 4.5 miles based time.


Ironman March Goal

Swim 2.4 miles

Bike 112 miles

Run 26.2 miles


I seem to be a little bit more on track for a half Ironman this march, but we’ll see what these next few weeks bring!



What is your favorite speed workout?

18 thoughts on “Speed and Snow

  1. Shoveling is a great workout, right?!? I hope it’s the last snowfall of the year. I’m ready for spring! My favorite speed workout is probably on my bike or using the elliptical, with 1 to 2 min on, 1- 2 min. off. Probably because I’m not that fast of a runner, and always worry about injuring myself that speedwork while running is pretty tame.

    • I am all about tame speed work too! Because I am pretty slow…even slower on the bike I think : ) I have already declared this the last snow fall of the year. I’m done with it!

  2. Holy guacamole, that’s a lot of snow! We were suppose to get snow here yesterday, but ended up getting a lot of wind and rain instead…it was more hurricanish than anything!
    There’s nothing like getting out of work early! That’s awesome that you could get to your parents house early for a nice dinner and to buy tickets for Florida, especially on a snow day! I don’t have a set speed workout, but I like to go faster to the chorus’ of songs on an ipod that needs to be updated as well! It has been too long!

    • So I was gonna share some of the songs I ran to yesterday but I thought it would be embarrassing. Many are from college days (which was over 10 years ago)…ha ha!

      So happy to hear that you missed the large storm. It was brutal!

  3. I do not like to run, no I do not. I do not like to run fast, no I do not. I do not like to shovel, no I do not.

    sigh. both necessary, but how fun to have a guest for dinner.. and an opportunity to turn a bottle of TJ’s inexpensive malbec into a fruity, bubbly sangria!

    hugs…. mom.. so proud of your committment to your health, your strength and your family~

  4. You must have got the storm that dumped eight inches here on Monday! Yuck. C’mon, spring!

    Love interval training! Can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can hit the track again for some repeats 🙂

    Yay for another sunny Florida trip! We’re going on a catamaran trip through the keys the first week of April… I cannot wait!

  5. I thought of you when the snow storm was blowing in! We only got a couple inches but it was enough to slow everyone down for awhile. I think you go to Florida just as much as we do (if not more!)!! Living up north with all that snow, you deserve it!! 🙂

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