Two Ingredient Pancakes [Take II]

I owe you a sincere apology this morning.  It seems that during my quiet Saturday night in eating Mediterranean with the BOY and watching Indiana Basketball while also updating some old blog posts (mostly just adding some tags and fixing some pictures), that I overloaded your inboxes and readers with old posts. 


Yikes!  I am so sorry!  That is a lot of Jen for one morning!!!


I seem to do well with baking, but fail pretty obviously at blogging.  I hope that you possibly, maybe enjoyed seeing some old posts that you hadn’t read before or learning something new.  For those of you who use WordPress, any tips on making changes or updates without overwhelming my readers???


While you are easing into your Sunday catching up on emails, posts, and online shopping, I have no doubt that breakfast is on your mind.  I was reminded last night that I made only one attempt at Two Ingredient Pancakes, and was due for a second try.




So this morning I mashed up a banana, stirred in an egg, and made three actual pancakes with successful flipping!


IMG_1462 IMG_1464


Since the BOY and I have absolutely NO plans for the day, I decided not to rush out the door for 10am yoga.




Instead, I enjoyed a warm cup of tea with my breakfast and watched some TV with the BOY.




There is always the 11:30am yoga class to attend!

Happy Sunday!

18 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Pancakes [Take II]

  1. I love making pancakes out of bananas and egg! I typically go crazy and add lots of stuff in them! Try nut butters and nuts! mmm

  2. I can’t help you much on the blogging. Every time I upload a picture from phone, it sends everyone an email. I can’t figure it out!! Good luck!

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