In Like a Lion

The shortest month of the year has come to an end.  And boy did we get dumped on here in Chicago.  Even with the 30 degree weather this past week, the liquid winter just kept on coming!




Tuesday, my office closed early.  What was amazing is that the roads were empty (everyone else’s office closed earlier), so I made it to my parents in record time to enjoy a quiet evening at home.  The past few days have been pure slush and finally today the sun is shining!




February was an active and exciting month (snowshoeing?!) that left me feeling fairly run down by the end.  Thankfully, there have been more than enough healthy and warm breakfast options to get me going in the mornings.




I have been training for my first race of the year (an 8k in April), running outside as well as around the indoor track.  We had a nice break from the cold spending a gorgeous weekend in Sarasota, Florida.  And the BOY and I are planning for another beach vacation soon!


Here’s to hoping that March goes out like a lamb and spring is right around the corner because I am ready for the sunshine, flowers, and farmer’s markets!  Don’t you agree?


How are you feeling this month?

What are you hoping to do this March?



February Goals

Sign up for the Chicago Marathon

     -By some miracle, I made it and I’m in!

Try some classes (ie Bikram yoga)

      -I still haven’t made it to Bikram or Barre which is a major fail on my part!

Avoid added sugars, fake sugars, and high fructose corn sugar

      -So for the most part, I did great with this.  However Valentine’s Day was full of sweets and I had a rough week following that.  Luckily, I’ve been able to get back to my clean eating habits.

Maintain work/life balance

      -I don’t even know if I should go here…this topic deserves its own post for sure, but I will save that for another day.  Instead, I will share the things I did to move towards balance, like weekly yoga, girl’s dinners, and quiet weekend mornings.



March Goals

-Try some new classes

IRONMAN March (check out Caitlin’s website for the details)

-No added sugar

-Unplug more often

15 thoughts on “In Like a Lion

  1. sounds like my feb ! blahhh i am ready for some warmth too!! those are good goals for march, that ironman challenge sounds really good ! again, im ready for warmth so i can also have access to a pool! lol

    • Yes. I hate swimming so there’s no way I’m gonna get there in the middle of winter. I’m hoping by the end of the month to have some tri’s for the summer picked out and will be motivated to swim. I’m ready to get out on my bike for sure!

  2. It’s snowing again here! More than ready for spring!

    Work / life balance is HARD, but I think focusing on what you *can* do every day is an excellent approach 🙂

    Fun idea for Ironman March!

    • Thanks for the support! Last year was so off balance, that I’d really like to get some more time for the ‘fun stuff’ this year! I’m hoping the Ironman March will get me in the pool stat. Stay warm! I think the snow is coming to us tonight!

  3. That snow looks horrible!! DC def got really cold but thankfully snow wasn’t frequenting us, I honestly can’t remember if it came at all, I think it did though! I’m excited for this month, I have my first race of the year on the 16th! February was a solid training month though and holds my longest runs to date!

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