Run Down

Man, I am feeling run down this weekend. ( Note: my definition of weekend includes Monday since I don’t work today! )

And this is not just because I stayed up late to watch the fairly predictable Oscar’s last night.  It all started Saturday morning when I had a slow start to the day, followed by a nap, before actually putting in my contacts at 1pm. 




I did hit the neighborhood for a 30 minute run.  It was pretty slow and I felt like I was running with weights strapped to my ankles.  I have no idea why I felt so tired.  It’s possible that it had to due with a stressful week that lacked my usual hours of sleep or maybe I’m just coming down with something.




For whatever reason, I was running on empty, literally!  Sunday morning was Hot Yoga!  This is always a challenging class, but this week my legs were shaking like crazy 30 seconds into chair pose.  Although my balance poses were on, I was more than ready for child’s pose, stretching, and shavasana by the end.  The rest of the day was laid back and productive.  I had a lot to do around the house (yes, my pantry needed to be reorganized AGAIN) and a run down weekend is the prefect time for these types of activities.




It’s no surprise that I didn’t wake up until my alarm went off this morning after more than 9 hours of sleep.  I set it for 30 more minutes waking up a few minutes before I needed to get ready for CrossFit.  I was a little nervous to go to this morning’s workout, especially when I found out that it involved burpees.  I knew that I didn’t have 100% of my energy but I figured I would do the best that I could.  Thankfully, the people I workout with are super supportive and there is great energy in the gym.  I survived today’s WOD AMRAP 8 although at one point I thought I might fall over : )  I made it through the ~2 minute cash out (optional) workout too.




When I got done with my workout, I felt strong but tired.  I knew I needed some serious energy in the form of a refreshing smoothie.  I recently saw a carrot and orange smoothie on Herbivore Triathlete that intrigued me.  I didn’t have any fresh carrot juice, but thought that maybe my new blender could puree the carrots good enough to be a smoothie.




On a whim, I threw in some kale.




I had full intentions of adding ginger as well, but didn’t have time.




I took one quick sip before packing up my smoothie to go.




The BOY had an eye doctor appointment and I was going along to help him pick out new glasses.  Meanwhile, I found some glasses of my own to try on.


IMAG1716 IMAG1717


While I was keeping myself busy reading a magazine, I saw a similar smoothie (minus the kale) in Clean Eating Magazine.   The best part is that it is supposed to boost energy.  That’s exactly what I needed this weekend!  When I’m feeling run down, it effects more than just my workouts.  I don’t make wise decisions about snacking and my memory stinks.  Looking to the week ahead,  I am committing to catching up on sleep, eating well, and working out hard.



Do you have weekends where you feel run down?

How do you get energized again?



Carrot, Orange, and Kale Smoothie



2 carrots, peeled and chopped (or carrot juice)

1 large orange, peeled (or 1 medium orange and 1 cutie)

1 handful of kale

1 cup of almond milk

1 handful of ice cubes

Ginger (optional)



-Chop carrots finely and then use your blender to puree.

-Add oranges and blend to combine.

-Add kale (and ginger if using) and blend well.  Stream in almond milk to preferred consistency.

-Add ice cubes and process until smooth.

-Sip Up!

23 thoughts on “Run Down

  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear you are feeling a little run down. Whenever I get like this, I try to boost my vitamin and nutrient intake (the juice was a great idea) and get plenty of water and sleep because sleep cures everything, or at least it seems to.

  2. i feel like the one day i got zero sleep last week has kept me run down all week, i just never caught up! it really does effect everything! def need me some of this smoothie!

  3. The days I feel run down I usually try to relax. I’ll allow myself a slow morning (if it’s the weekend) and then go for a run to see if it helps. If it does, great! If not, my butt goes back on the couch for more reading/tv/relaxation time!

    I hope you’re feeling re-energized today!

    • Thanks! I am dragging a bit through the week but had a great interval run on Tuesday morning. I’m hoping to be bouncing back for some strong workouts this weekend : ) I appreciate your support!

  4. I’ve heard a lot of people say lately that they’re run down, so you’re not alone! It’s gotta be the dreary February weather. Hope you’re rested and back to 100 percent soon!

    I re-energize by sleeping and taking some me time to reconnect 🙂

    • Ahh! I love that reconnect time! It does wonders for me as well. I agree that everyone is having a little Seasonal Affect right now…it’s the case of the end of February’s and these big storms coming through!

  5. I definitely have my fair share of run down weekends (not to mention weeks!). I think my evening workouts make it hard for me to sleep at night so I am tired all day. This is a vicious cycle I haven’t figured out how to solve yet. I do my best running at night.

    I hope this week is better for you!!

  6. I feel like there is always something wrong – I’m tired or this hurts or that hurts, but I try to just keep pushing forward. I find that if I go out and do something or head into the kitchen or get in a workout, I typically feel a lot better. I think all this horrible, terrible, awful winter weather has something to do with it too. You can’t tell I’m ready for spring, can you? 😉

    • OMG! I want to be sitting out back BBQing NOW! The sun is such a tease but I will take it. I love your suggestions to get moving and get my mind off feeling down. Thanks for the comment!

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