Me {And} The Marathon Take II

It seems like ages ago that I signed up for my first marathon.  I was an extremely new blogger, and I remember writing this post the day I signed up for the Chicago Marathon in 2011 titled Me vs The Marathon.  During my training, I had successful long runs and moments of extreme doubt, but ultimately I ran the Chicago Marathon in just over 4 hours.  The marathon exceeded my expectations in every way.  I loved training and increasing my mileage each week.  The support I received as a St. Jude Hero was invaluable the morning of the race, and when I crossed the finish line, I was riding my strongest runner’s high to date.




Because I knew that I had some other commitments last year, I did not sign up for the marathon again, but cheering on the runner’s last October only reaffirmed my desire to train for and run the Chicago marathon AGAIN.  And this time, I plan to finish in under 4 hours.




I have signed up to be a St. Jude Hero again this year to raise money for children with catastrophic illnesses.  And, I will be officially signing up for the race at noon TODAY.




Already my second marathon feels different, and I am a little nervous about the rise in expectations.  When I ran my first marathon, my real goal was just to finish (although secretly I wanted to finish around 4 hours).  I did learn quite a few lessons along the way!  For this race, I’d like to PR which basically means beating my previous time.  As always with distance runs, there is the risk of injuries and you never know what the year ahead will hold.  Not to mention that the weather in October in Chicago is completely unpredictable!  I learned while working towards a half marathon PR last year how important training, nutrition, and rest can be. Hopefully, 2013 will be the year of PRs!




Whereas when I wrote my first marathon post in 2011, I thought of the 26.2 as Me Vs the Marathon, this year, I am hoping to work together WITH the marathon (hence the change in title) to have a fun, safe, and fast race together.  Let the training begin…



Is anyone else planning to run Chicago (or another fall marathon) this year?

Want to be my virtual training buddy?

21 thoughts on “Me {And} The Marathon Take II

  1. YAY! You’re going to do awesome, and I love that you’re a St. Jude Hero! Running for something greater than yourself always seems to make the miles less painful.

    I would love to run Chicago some day, but this year I’ll be running the Fox Cities Marathon with my very dear friend and mTT Captain, Brysson! It will be his first marathon, and we’re going to kill it together! I would love a virtual training buddy, though you may want to read today’s “Train and Complain” post before committing to hearing me grump every week. 😉

    • Ha ha! I will go check it out, but I think honesty is probably the best policy in training buddies!

      I will have to put the FV marathon on my calendar to come and cheer you guys on!!!

  2. WOW just over 4hours!?!? That is amazing, and you for sure will get that goal of a sub 4:00! I don’t know if I will ever bite off a full marathon, but I’ll be happy to just get under 5:00!!!

    • It is definitely a fun and challenging journey when you have the time and desire to train. I was quite pleased with my results for sure, and I still sometimes am shocked with my finish

  3. Woohoo for signing up today!! You inspire me to run a marathon… although that seems so daunting! Yikes! wowza, just over 4hrs last time?! thats absolutely ahhhmazzzinggg, you’ll blow the next one out of the water! Cant wait to read all about your training and all that good stuff!!

  4. thats so exciting ! im happy for you and cant wait to read all the training plans you have ! i want to run something in the fall i got to look into it soon! i love training in the summer !

    • Me too! Although I have to get up so crazy early…I love that it is light and the trails are full of people! It’s crazy to think how early you have to register for fall but hopefully winter will be over soon and we’ll be back outdoors running!

  5. Yay! So excited to follow your training for #2!!! How wonderful that you are being a St Jude Hero 🙂

    No fall marathons on the radar for me! 🙂

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