I Can’t Stop Eating

Every couple of months, I have a few days like this where I get some serious munchies and my mind just can’t stop my hands from grabbing a handful of this or a mouthful of that.  It’s like I have a hallow leg…except I don’t.  I am 31 years old with a metabolism the speed of a turtle, so a few days of eating like this does not bode well for my weight, my skin, or my confidence.  Does this happen to anyone else?


I know that there are many factors that impact hunger and satiety, including sleep and hormones. Some of which we can control and others that we cannot.  I have had a healthy start to the new year, and I look forward to slimming down a bit before spring. So I am trying to use the following strategies to curb my snack attacks.


1. Drink extra water

2. Pick healthier options that take time to eat, like popcorn




3. Brush your teeth…this especially helps to decrease night time snacking

4. Sleep

5. Go for a walk




6. Find other ways to keep busy (ie reading and blogging)

7. Get creative with veggies-fill your soups, smoothies, and burgers with seasonal produce

8. Eat more sweet fruit




9. Close the kitchen by turning off the lights

10. Focus on the big picture!!!

What strategies do you use to stop excess snacking?

23 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Eating

  1. I hear ya, lady!! I just got home from Whole Foods (Schaumburg), and the samples were amazing, which led to Bob wanting to buy a box of cookies, which now has me taking a few too many bites! At least they’re relatively healthy.

    It is interesting how it all works . . . some days I’m ravenous, some days my appetite is pretty light. I figure it’s best to just go with the flow and my body will me know what it wants to stay healthy and well-fueled. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of keeping lots of fresh produce on hand for snacking . . . . and popcorn is a must!! We eat it all the time for late night snacking. Yum!

    • Don’t they have the BEST samples? I made like 2 rounds yesterday while I was looking for my Mom. Speaking of WF, I totally forgot to look up the name of my favorite sprouted wraps for you.

      I am the same way in that my willpower can pull a complete 180. I think you are right I need to get better at listening to my body. I love the idea of having ready made veggies and need to get better about that!

  2. I hate to admit it but i’m horrible at unnecessary snacking when I’m up late studying or bored. The boredom studying I try to curb by going on a walk with Bentley or drinking a huge glass of cold water. I have yet to find anything that really works to help control the snacking that comes when I’m stressed and studying.

    • Oh my gosh…when I am bored…forget about it and when I used to have to stay up studying…that was the hardest. I love the idea of cold water. That totally keeps me away when driving late night and is really refreshing. Thanks for the comment!!!

  3. What a fun picture with the shadows, and I’m loving the look of that bowl of fruit.
    The way I stop excessively snacking is not to keep any kind of processed snacks in the house. If its not there, I can’t eat it. Plus I get plenty of ways to indulge otherwise. When I keep it on hand, I have trouble keeping m hands off it. Eek.

    • So for the most part I am good about that but the BOY has different ideas about what should be in the house and that is when I get myself into trouble. It’s a good reminder for us both though!

      So that picture is my Mom and I and currently my phone background. I love it too! Thanks for your insight. I love reading your comments!

  4. Oh my…I’m so glad I’m not the only one out there. Yes, there are a several days of a month that I eat like a pregnant women and my hubby can attest to that. Thank you for your great tips. I’m going to keep them in mind when the craving starts again!

  5. I too have the same problem as does my daughter. There are so many ways that we are told to stop the mindless eating but unfortunately nothing works completely all of the time. I don’t keep a lot of processed snacks in the house so that I am forced to eat the good stuff. I even keep my baking supplies in a snap top bin in the basement on a shelf so that I don’t see them (otherwise bags of nuts and chocolate chips would call out to me). I do sometimes try to go upstairs to read so that I am far away from the kitchen.
    I love the shadow of you and your mom!

    • Great idea to snap up the baking goods…mine are front and center right now so I will have to move those. I agree that different things work each week, so it’s good to have a few different strategies.

      • Thanks for the running inspiration! After I walked Honey I waited for my friend to reply about a walk. When she didn’t I decided to strap on my running shoes and go (I haven’t run since Sept when I rolled my ankle and have been dealing with an injury that just wouldn’t seem to heal). I only ran a mile but it felt so good-the new shoes didn’t hurt either. Thanks so much for inspiring me!

      • You are welcome! New shoes might be exactly what your ankle needed. You should think about signing up for a spring 5k…it is the best way to stay motivated through the winter. Have a great week! Thanks for the comment…it made my day!

  6. I don’t snack at all. I used to when I was a bit chunky, but now I never do. More than anything you just have to commit to not doing it. Brushing your teeth is a great solution. My Mom and I did Invisalign a couple years ago, and you have to brush every time you eat. If there was ever the temptation to snack, it quickly vanished. And it really stuck. After dinner we both brush and put in our retainers. I also have a crazy slow metabolism. For as much as I exercise . . . a ton . . . I feel like I have to watch every single calorie that goes into my mouth. It’s such a bummer.

  7. I’m feeling exact same way lately… cannot.eat.enough! Maybe it’s the winter doldrums 🙂

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I wish I couldn’t relate but I totally can! #6 is my go to distraction. Ugh. It’s been BAD on vacation these past few days though. I hope I snap out of this soon!!!

  9. You are preaching to the choir on this one!! I hate days like that. I try to not keep many temptations in the house. When it is cold out, the last thing I want to do it go out just to buy junk food.

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