Hooray for Winter Running!

To begin I must admit that we still have NO food in our house.  Not one trip to the grocery store this week!  I was lucky that we had a chili Valentine’s Day party at work with leftovers on Friday for lunch.  So before I even had water boiling for tea this morning, I was making a grocery list.  I have been itching to get outdoors and run all week.  Mostly because the weather has been a little warmer than usual, and I have seen the sun shining from inside my office.  So despite the 20 degree announcement on my cell phone this morning, I layered up for an outdoor run.




Trail shoes and all!




The sun was shining this morning, but failed to show up when I exited the front door.  I ran the long way through the neighborhood towards the forest preserve path.  It was definitely colder than I would have liked but tolerable.




The path was quiet and peaceful!  I ran a little under 5 miles at a slow and steady pace with a few walking breaks over the icy concrete.




I had to laugh that the only time I almost fell was when I slipped while walking, not running.  The benefit of all of my layers is that I had room to stash my phone to snap a few pictures.  Between the cold and my bulky shoes, I felt much slower than my recent speed intervals around the track, but I was happy for the longer run.




Recently, my runs have been much shorter (30-35 minutes) due to some changes in my work schedule.  I was feeling much better about this after reading an article in Women’s Running Magazine last night about speed training.  New research is supporting that shorter runs can burn calories and improve your fitness just as well as longer runs when you increase your intensity.  One of the treadmill workouts, which surprised me, suggested sprinting for 8 seconds, followed by a 12 second recovery.  That is one that I have never heard of, but looking forward to trying.




I have been doing most of my winter running along the track alternating between 90/90 second intervals, 60/120 second intervals, and tempo runs in preparation for a few middle distance runs I am signed up for this spring.  I am hoping to add in a spring half marathon, which will hopefully motivate me out of the house again for longer, cold weekend runs.  Post run, I have been refueling with multiple variations of the Green Smoothie.




After this morning’s run, I drove out to Whole Foods to meet my Mom for lunch.  We both LOVE collecting our favorites from the hot bar and salad bar and sharing them tapas style with a big bottle of water.  She had to spend the rest of her Saturday working, so I got to wander the aisles of Whole Foods tasting samples and scooping up groceries.  Then moved on to Costco to do the same thing.




I walked in the door with my arms full.  The BOY was involved with the Indiana v Perdue game…no surprise there.  After unloading my groceries, I baked up an amazing smelling cornbread for a get together with friends tomorrow.  I typically make more of a sweet cornbread, so this easy recipe from Paula Deen was a nice change of pace.




I caught the second half of the basketball game while sipping some warm tea that we picked up in Sarasota.  I now have the perfect amount of time for a quick afternoon nap before the BOY and I head out for dinner tonight.


What kind of winter running have you been doing?

What is your favorite interval training workout?

15 thoughts on “Hooray for Winter Running!

  1. I feel like I’d barely get myself going if I only had 8 seconds to sprint! 🙂 Plus, I’m getting old. And slow. Way to get out there this morning! I stayed indoors: 40 minutes on my bike (it’s on an indoor trainer for the winter) and a 2-mile run on the treadmill. Happy Saturday!! I just brought home some sushi for our dinner. Enjoy your dinner out. 🙂

    • So jealous that you have a bike trainer and treadmill. I was thinking the same thing about the 8 seconds but wondered how it felt. The magazine says to run 8 and then jump onto the side for 12…very biggest loser : )

      Hope you had a wonderful sushi dinner. We had a Tuscany gift card which is always a treat!

  2. kudos for going a run in such cold weather! i cant wait til the snow melts so i could get out there… whole foods bar dates are the best! though mine usually has all the same stuff everytime now.. i still love some of the random foods they got there! yummm cornbread is my favvvvvvvvv.. esp with some chili! think i gotta make me some now lol

    • Sundays are perfect for chili and cornbread!!! I like trying new Whole Foods because they have different stuff and I can spice up my ToGo box (that really never makes it out the door). ha ha!

  3. Oh, I love cornbread and I can’t even remember the last time I ate it. I need to rectify that.
    We do high intensity intervals in spinning. 15 second summit surge (as fast as you can go), followed by 15 second rest, then surge, then rest….all I can say is they are killer. They get me every single time.

  4. Winter running is my favorite! Except on days like today when it’s below zero 🙂

    My coach has me running shorter distances (nothing longer than an hour) six days a week. It’s definitely helping my speed!

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