February 14th

You know what that means, right?




Yup…it means that I get to bust out this absolutely ridiculous shirt again!  On what other day can an adult wear a fringe heart tshirt in public?  I’d say that it also means that I will be wearing brightly colored socks with hearts, but since I have at least 10 pairs, I’ve been wearing them since the start of the month.


IMG_1830 IMG_1837


I guess that February 14th also means SWEET TREATS!




I’ve already shared with you two of the cookies that I baked for today’s Valentine’s Day celebration…


IMG_1155 IMAG1511


Hint…click on the cookie to find the full recipe!  But I must admit that I also made heart shaped Cake Batter Fudge.



I’m sure you remember Cake Batter Fudge from last summer because let’s be honest, how could anyone forget it?!  And in the shape of a heart, doused in purple and pink sprinkles, does that not just SCREAM Valentine’s Day?!




This recipe is a crowd pleaser EVERYWHERE I take it!  And I love how easily it fit into this heart shaped pan.  To top off today’s festivities, I made a big batch of Chocolate Pretzel Rings.




Using dark chocolate, mint truffle, and peppermint kisses, this might be my best tasting group yet!




For our party today, I surrounded my fudge with pretzels creating one colorful tray of sweets.



IMG_1238 IMG_1240


Looks wonderful, I know!  And you can hate me all you want for tempting you with sugary goodness.  I, for one, know that I ate WAY too many sweets today and will be back to my usually sugarless ways bright and early tomorrow morning : )




With our without the treats, I hope you had a sweet and happy day!



Looking for more temptation?

Check out last year’s list of Valentine favorites!


Looking to recharge after a sugary day?

I recommend a Green Smoothie for breakfast!

(and even shared this recipe with a coworker today)



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