Plans With Megan and Jen

Do you have those friends who can so easily push you out of your comfort zone?  I am an outdoor girl at heart, but I don’t always find those opportunities for myself.  Which is why I am so grateful to the special people in my life who suggest a 2 hour car trip to Galena to spend the day outdoors playing in the snow.  I made plans with Megan and Jen weeks ago, and added them to my calendar just like that.  There was talk about doing an outdoor activity and since I don’t see them often, I have been super excited to hang out all week.  Despite my typical need to plan every moment, my work weeks have been busy and exhausting, so it wasn’t until Friday night that I was able to touch base with my friends and talk about our day.  The game plan…snow shoeing in Galena!




For once, the weather was on our side.  I woke up Saturday morning to find a layer of light fluffy snow covering my car!


IMAG1414 IMAG1412


Jen and Megan drove out from the city to pick me up on our way out west.




There was lots to talk about as we made our way along the windy roads towards the Mississippi River.  Galena definitely looked different compared to my last visit in fall 2011.  It is such a cute little river town with restaurants and shops.




IMAG1427 IMAG1426


My friend’s found a local shop that rents cross country skis and snow shoes.  The woman who worked here was so friendly and helpful.  She fit us with snow shoes, and gave us a few suggestions for trails.



IMAG1424 IMAG1425


We decided to go into the woods overlooking the river.


IMAG1428 IMAG1430

IMG_7330 IMG_7329


Although we got a little lost, we found our way to the trail head, added multiple layers of clothing, and hooked ourselves into our shoes.




We started walking down a long driveway and although we had no idea which way to go, we found ourselves following an unmarked trail leading down into a valley.  The woods were silent and peaceful, and the only other tracks in the snow were deer and bunnies.




The sun beamed down on the snow covered trees creating an awe inspiring 360 degree view of the forest.


IMG_7342 IMG_7343


We hiked up, down, over, and under creating our own trail along the way. 


Under Branch Uphill


There were some steep hills to climb as we went trailblazing through the woods in Galena, IL.




When we found ourselves at a dead end, we turned back around and followed our tracks back towards the car.  Along the way, we spotted an actual trail marker.  Our first trail marker…opps!  It looks like we totally missed the trail the first time and instead forged our own.  Since we had a little more time before we had to return, we followed the actual trail for a little bit.


Trail Marker Jen and Megan


It amazed me that even this late in the afternoon, the trail was still empty.  We were the first to attempt to descend the stairs in our big bulky snow shoes, which led to lots of laughter.


IMG_7354 IMG_7355


At the end of the day, we all had a BLAST snow shoeing and actively exploring this undisturbed forest.




As the sun was starting to set, we found our way back to the start where there was a huge lot of fluffy snow to play in.




And a gorgeous view of the setting sun!








It was breath taking, and the perfect way to end an exciting day!




The car ride home was nice and relaxing as we recounted the days events.  I am so grateful for spontaneous road trips, close friends, and unmarked paths that always seem to put a smile on my face : )

Now, I just have to figure out how to get my hands on my very own pair of snow shoes!

30 thoughts on “Plans With Megan and Jen

  1. Wow, amazing little adventure! I have some snow shoes and have been waiting patiently for some packed snow. We get plenty of “lake effect” fluff but it’s usually easier to hike through. As soon as some serious snow falls though, I am all over it!

  2. I’ve never heard of Galena. It looks like such a cute place! I went snow shoeing for the first time this year, and it was actually pretty fun. Glad you had a great girls trip!

    • It is a tiny little town known for President Grant’s home, and not much more! But it has adorable little vacation places and perfect for a weekend getaway : ) I was just telling the BOY we should go back!

  3. What a blast!! I have been dying to go snow shoeing! Not many places to do that around where I live though. I’m glad you were able to step outside of that comfort zone and have a good time with friends!

  4. What a fun adventure! You must tell me – were there any falls in the shoes?! Hee hee.

    I totally recognize where that pic on highway 20 was taken. 😉

    • That is too funny that you know hwy 20!!! No big falls but definitely some stumbles which were really funny! Galena is a great place to take your shoes if you are looking for a road trip!

  5. wow that sounds like such a fun day ! i really don’t have that many people who are down to do stuff like that unless i sort of “force” them because i like to do it !

  6. Even though I hate the cold weather, that looks like fun! I have always wanted to try that and cross country skiing. Looks like a great workout!!

    • We were debating between the two and I’m happy we chose snow shoeing but Xcountry skiing is next up on my list. I actually don’t love cold weather either but this was worth it!!!

  7. My two friends named Sarah both push me out of my comfort zone – they are so “go with the flow” and spontaneous – it is the only way to keep up with ’em! haha

    Sounds like you really took advantage of the beautiful snow! haha

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