Elixir and Exercise



I have a new obsession…




And I’m not talking about my new computer.  Ok, obsession is probably too strong of a word.  But I have a new favorite AM beverage…hot water with lemon!  Over my winter break, I read that it was a good way to start your day because of it’s detoxifying principles, so I decided to give it at try.




Shortly there after, I noticed hot lemon water popping up on numerous blogs.  I was intrigued…was there more to this than I realized?  Or does everyone just love the taste (like I do)?




Then a few nights ago, Whole Living magazine shared a recipe for elixir as part of their 3 week new year cleanse.  Their version included lemon, ginger, turmeric, and honey to taste.  Since I don’t love honey, I left it out.




I was nervous to try this odd combination, but pleasantly surprised with how refreshing and tasty it was.  I think I will pick up some fresh ginger this weekend because I have heard that it is even better.  I have no idea how detoxified I actually am, but overall, I am feeling really GOOD!  I am working to decrease my stress levels, eating clean, and figuring out a new winter workout routine. 




At the risk of getting too personal, I am also highly pleased with my Good Belly probiotics.  Without oversharing, I can tell you that since starting to take this probiotic a few weeks ago my stomach has felt fantastic.  I was even able to have some Yogurtland without a flare up.  Awesome!  I would have told you that I was skeptical about probiotics, and now I am a huge fan.  I drink one every morning before my lemon water and breakfast.


IMAG1378 IMAG1379


And hot lemon water is totally necessary when this is the start to your Friday morning!




Now, on to the exercise…


I definitely got my workout groove back this week starting with some much needed strength training.  And when the temperatures dropped below my comfort zone, I found myself an indoor track.  Actually two indoor tracks. One near work that is new, 3 lanes and free. The other is 5 minutes from our house, smaller, but less crowded and costs only 2$. The possibilities are endless!  Since I don’t have a gym this winter, I am committed to using these resources and trying some new classes.  Along with my CrossFit groupon and incredible hot yoga studio, I should be all set for an active winter.  Now…I just have to figure out how to get the BOY to join me : )


BTW, if all of this talk about working out is making you hungry, feel free to make one of these amazing peanut butter recipes in honor of yesterday’s National Peanut Butter Day.  It’s never too late to celebrate…right?!



Golden Elixir

From Whole Living Magazine



1 cup hot water

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1/8 tsp turmeric

1/8 tsp ground ginger





In a mug, stir together water, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne and honey to taste until combined.



Do you drink hot lemon water?  Why?

Like I said, I am intrigued by this new health trend!

Does anyone else take probiotics? What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Elixir and Exercise

  1. Hm, I typically end up eating before any tea or morning beverage. That’s because I leave my tea at the office and eat before going in! I think this elixer looks good though. I will have to try it Sunday AM pre run!

    • Let me know what you think! I have tea on my way to work (it’s a long drive) and then I am usually on the go for most of the morning (so no time to snack or sip). If I have cancels or a meeting, then I definitely brew another mug.

  2. I started taking a probiotic two years ago and I will never go back. My stomach is more calm, I can eat dairy again and for some wonderful reason my skin cleared up. I use a brand called TuZen though. Not sure if I can get the brand you mentioned in Canada.

  3. Just sent an email . . . but I LOVE hot lemon water, too! I usually add just a touch of stevia. I’ll have to try it with ginger, since I’m a big fan! Did you have a crazy commute Friday morning? Some of my colleagues dealt with 1.5 – 2 hours on the highway, not even making it to their first class. Eek. Also, I do take a probiotic . . . and swear by it. Holy cow, has it made a difference in how efficient my digestive track is. Have a great weekend–stay warm!

    • It was awful!
      It took me well over an hour and there wasn’t even that much snow. So stupid! I was late for my first patient but luckily she cancelled too so it worked out okay.

  4. No probiotics for me, but I loveee lemon water. I used to drink it (very rarely) with cayenne in it too. It’s “supposed” to help jump start your system in the morning. I just love cayenne though haha.

  5. I don’t drink hot lemon water, but I do like lemon in my hot tea. And I don’t know about tumeric, but I usually like anything with ginger. I might have to try lemon/ginger tea.

  6. The tea that I drink every morning doesn’t sit too well on my stomach. I’m going to try hot lemon water. Thanks for the idea!

  7. WELL, I was just going to mention, DD, that same 100 and 1/2 year old… !!! grandma waved the tea bag over her hot water.. but grandpa has the idea .. he is so ahead of his time, takes yoga… touches his toes 100 times per day… and walks whenever he can.. hugs! I am looking for chrysanthamum tea on the recommendation of my accupuncturist….

  8. I drink lemon water all the time, but it’s not hot, so I don’t think I’m getting all the benefits. I have a pin on my Pinterest account about the benefits though (I think under my nutrition board) and the list of benefits goes on and on and on. It’s wild how long it is.
    I’m starting to feel over all this cold, snow, and darkness. I bet you are too, especially with commutes like that.

    • Agreed! I have been day dreaming about Caribbean cruises! The big talk with all my coworkers and patients was how bag the roads and commute were. Yuck! I will have to check out those benefits…I picked up some fresh ginger today so I can’t wait to add it to my hot water with lemon.

  9. I don’t drink hot lemon water, but always add fresh lemon or lime to my water. So refreshing! I’ll definitely give this a taste! As for probiotics, I’m a HUGE fan of gingerade kombucha. It’s an expensive habit, so I need to start making my own 🙂

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