The Day We Robbed Yogurtland

Funny Story…


Remember my excitement over Yogurtland?!  The BOY and I ran some errands Saturday afternoon.  As we pulled into the FedEx parking lot, the he mentioned that Yogurtland was opening today.  Even though we hadn’t eaten lunch, we decided that yogurt was totally necessary.




The place was really crowded and the BOY and I walked right in to the back to check out the flavors.  Along with the tart Greek yogurt, there were a few fruit flavors.  The BOY and I went straight for the good stuff, filling a large cup with s’mores, pistachio, vanilla, and red velvet cupcake.  The perfect pre lunch treat.  We tossed on some cookie dough bites because who can walk past cookie dough bites without grabbing a few.




Feeling like frozen yogurt experts, the BOY and I walked up to the register, placed our cup on the scale, and got the strangest look from the girl working behind the register.  The BOY and I were super confused when she looked up at us and said ‘It’s Free!’.  Free yogurt…could life get any better?  We assumed it was an opening day special and the apparent owner next to us confirmed that for the first hour the yogurt was free.




Thinking that we should most likely head back for some more, I mean why share one cup of yogurt when it’s free, the owner kindly stated that this was a private event.  All of a sudden, the BOY and I looked around and saw that the people talking seemed to know each other.  And we totally crashed their party.  The BOY and I offered to pay for our yogurt but they said it wasn’t a problem.  We stepped out of the store and completely fell apart with laughter!  Talk about being totally oblivious.  I think we just robbed the Yogurtland!




We reassured the owner that we’d be back often and would definitely pay for our yogurt in the future.  And after sampling our selection, I am sure we will go back.  The yogurt was excellent!  I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had much dairy in the past few months, or because frozen yogurt is my favorite food ever, but we loved it and licked every last drop off our spoons in the car.  The whole scene was hilarious!  I can’t stop smiling when I think about it!  It reminds me of our shenanigans in Florida last spring.

28 thoughts on “The Day We Robbed Yogurtland

  1. That’s a pretty funny story, although I have to be honest. I’m an ice cream snob. It’s how I was raised so I totally blame my parents. Growing up, we never messed with frozen yogurt or soft serve of any kind (Dairy Queen? What’s that?). It was all ice cream, all the way. Who knows, maybe I’d like fro-yo if I ever actually tried it. It seems to be pretty popular especially in the summer time.
    Hope you’re having a great week.

  2. i LOVe yogurtland!!! And getting it for free sounds like a dream come true. What luck!!! We go and grab fro-yo from a yogurt type place often and I always LOAD UP on the toppings. 🙂

  3. I love it! Crashing VIP parties, they could probs write a movie about you now : ) This has me thinking and I can’t remember the last time I had froyo or yogurt, sigh.

    • So sad! I have had very little dairy as of late, but just couldn’t pass up Yogurtland’s opening day. Loved it! I think that the owner will prob be telling stories about us for days.

  4. That’s awesome! I have a similar story (not crashing a party though, that is hilarious!) when a frozen yogurt place opened by us. I got a small, then found out that it was free for the day, so I went back and got a large to share with James. It was a great day 🙂

    • I’ve never learned how to pass up cookie dough. I love the stuff. I need to get that Cookie Dough Cookbook for sure! Maybe there is a recipe for eggless cookie dough bites : ) Yum!

  5. At first, I read the title as “The day we got robbed at Yogurtland” and I was expecting to read a horrific account of purse snatching, so very relieved to find out that wasn’t the case! Frozen yogurt is the best, even if it is stolen!

  6. Hahaha, this is great!! That totally would’ve happened to me, too — if I see a new froyo place I’m going inside! That’s actually one of my fav “extra perks” of moving to FL — where I’m from in NY froyo places aren’t very common, but they are ALL over the place down here!

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