Hide and Seek

For whatever reason, I am so scared to make any changes with this blog.  The main reason is because I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing when it comes to the technical stuff.  Not that I really know much about blogging in general and I basically wing it every day, but I know much, much, much less about the behind the seasons stuff.  Tips accepted!!!


So, that being said, I delayed pressing the button that would transform me (I thought) from WordPress to http://www.luvwhatyoudo.net for at least a week.  Exciting…right?!  I’ve never had my own website before…hence the fear.  And fear is exactly what I felt when I Iinked, clicked, and totally LOST my blog for about 30 minutes.  Yikes!  Meanwhile, I went back and forth between the WordPress and GoDaddy help sites realizing I still have no idea what to do.  So, I called in for support and was told to wait 2 hours….


During which, I got started on making Chili (recipe to come) and nursed a bit of a headache.




Wii games and bubbly last night…what a way to end your week?!  I try not to vent too much about work stuff on the blog, but this week was just SO STRESSFUL that the BOY and I took Friday night to unwind with these guilty pleasures.




Which leaves me now sitting on the couch watching the DVR and sipping on lemon water.




I love this stuff!  And this morning, I could use the detox properties : )

About 1 hour into my waiting, I just had to see if my blog was found.


And…ready or not…here I am!  Introducing Luvwhatyoudo.net!


I know that I have been unplugged the last few days, but I have some exciting new recipes to share (once I have recovered from this tough week)!  A three day weekend will definitely help!



Do you make your own blog changes? 

Any tips for the new(ish) girl?


11 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. Congratulations on having your very own site! Yeah! Happy Dance!
    And while drinking bubbly might not be the best way to shake off your work stress, it’s not the worst either. I’ve been known to do it a time or two myself. By the way, I love old school Nintendo games, and now I might have to pull the Wii out of hiding so I can indulge again. Hope this week is better at the office.

    • Me too!
      Let me know what games you decide to play. We have a bunch of them and since I never had a Nintendo growing up I get really into them as an adult. But I suck!

      Thanks for the bubbly support! I just bought a brand new laptop so that will definitely cheer me up : )

    • me too! Yes it is far beyond my knowledge areas to work on my own blog…lesson learned! And now I just got a new computer (hooray) but I’m sure it will take me some time to figure out this Windows 8.

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