Taking My Time

With not much on the daily agenda today, I definitely eased my way into the day.  Are you sensing a weekend theme here?  This definitely seems to be the new start to my Saturday, and I LIKE it!  10 hours of sleep followed by a spinach egg wrap for breakfast and chased down with a probiotic shot.  Usually there is some Law&Order to follow, but the BOY put his foot down this morning on the L&O.  Instead I procrastinated on my computer while sipping on a mug of mango black tea.  Eventually, I wandered upstairs to change into my running clothes and laced up my sneakers just as Indiana tipped off for their 11am game.




Looks like spring?!




Almost!  There was just enough strength behind the wind to remind me that it was still winter.




My plan for today was to try to up my miles a bit for some extra time outdoors.  The path was pretty busy for a Saturday in January.  I’m sure the BOY would be shocked to know all of these people were not sitting at home in 10 year old paper-think IU t-shirts and were instead taking full advantage of this mild weather.  A few miles in, it was decision time, and I decided to go for the 6 miles.  With my eyes off my watch, I listened to my body.  For the last mile and a half, I felt like I was moving in slow motion, so I was surprised to see that I ran a little over 6 miles in just under an hour.  A 6 mile run was exactly what my mind and body needed today!  I walked in the door to a happy BOY and a 14 point Indiana lead.




There was some discussion about heading out for lunch, but we ended up re-raiding the fridge/freezer.  I had a small bowl of my Mom’s veggie soup and a Random Rice bowl.




Brown Rice + Mashed Sweet Potato + Veggie Burger




A tasty and filling lunch that I devoured during the stressful end to the Indiana game.  That was the longest 40 seconds ever!  But IU pulled out a conference victory.  Despite another exciting Big Ten game, the BOY and I are heading out to run a few errands.  He’s very excited..ha ha!  Actually,  he needs some notebooks for the first day of class on Tuesday, so Target here we come!

6 thoughts on “Taking My Time

  1. Great job on the run! That wind is killer. I went for a 5miler a couple days ago and the wind was so bad I couldn’t see because my eyes were so watery. It was painfully cold!

    • Ah I love the backyard in the sunshine!!! So glad you were able to get out and soak up some vitamin D! And nesting…oh how I enjoy a quiet afternoon indoors. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. The mild temperature was a godsend!! We spent hours outside walking and soaking it up. Those days don’t happen much in January!!

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