It’s Friday!

Friday’s here!  Do you ever have those weeks where you’re not sure if you’ll make it to the weekend?  Don’t get me wrong, thanks to my horse pills, I am feeling way better.  But my tummy has definitely paid the price, and I have been dragging a bit this week.  I’ve been sleeping wonderfully but fatigued by the end of my active day.




Which is why I was caught off guard with this beautiful scene as I walked out the door after work tonight. 

Gorgeous!  Right? 

What a wonderful way to welcome the weekend!



The BOY and I are enjoying a quiet evening in, raiding the ridge for leftovers that will pass for dinner.  I was happy to find some veggies and stew.  And we will be laying low tonight as my eyelids are already feeling heavy.




We are definitely looking forward to the warm weekend ahead!  Can you say January outdoor run???



What are you doing this weekend?

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

    • My boyfriend doesn’t run (and most likely never will), which stinks! I’m with you, I can’t do cold, dark, and wet runs alone. But with 50 degree weather, I can definitely tackle the path alone : ) Have a great weekend!

    • It was a really nice scene. Sometimes, I look at the clouds and they are so gorgeous they look painted. This was one of those nights where the beauty just caught my eye. Thanks for the comment. 1 more pill to go and then I really will be back to myself : )

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