Second Workout of the Year

I slept 12 hours last night!


I’m not exactly sure what that means or why that happened, but my eyelids were heavy around 9:30pm last night and when I opened them this morning it was almost 10am.  Crazy!


First thing I did this morning was check on my STEW.  Then, I whipped up some breakfast (so I could take this morning’s round of antibiotics) and for the sake of my stomach threw back a GoodBelly shot.




Breakfast was an egg with spinach on a sprouted wrap covered in salsa.




The perfect pre workout fuel which I devoured while watching last night’s Biggest Loser episode.  After breakfast, I bundled up (check out my adorable new headband) and hit the path for a run.




I had a few things working against me on this run.  The main one being the war waging in my gut between my antibiotic and probiotic.  I wanted my antibiotic to win the battle in my sinuses and was hoping the probiotic could pull out victory in the gut.  Since it was my first run in over 2 weeks, I had little expectation.  I set out on a 4.6 mile out and back route knowing that I could walk at any time and even cut the route by 1/2 mile if needed.  By the time I made it to the path, I was happy that I had worn my trail shoes.  Despite the almost fully melted snow in our neighborhood, the concrete path was about 50% snow with intermittent patches.  But the sun was shining bright and the forest preserve peaceful…it was easy to put one foot in front of the other and enjoy my first run of the year.  I was slow and tired when I rounded the corner back onto our street and my runner’s high was slightly lessened by the dull ache in my sinuses.  My watch read just under 47 minutes making this morning’s run a slow and steady second workout of the year.




I was definitely ready for a late lunch.  I poured Chickpea, Butternut Squash, and Red Lentil Stew onto a mix of couscous and quinoa for a satisfying post run meal.




The entire time I was eating my lunch, I kept exclaiming how amazing this stew tastes!




This is seriously one of the best meals that has ever come out of my crockpot!




And my crockpot works hard so that is definitely saying something!  I ate lunch with some cucumber water (I have been getting really tired of plain water, so if you have suggestions on how to spice it up, please let me know) and a grapefruit that I split with the BOY (who was not interested in trying my stew).


IMG_0780 IMG_0781


After lunch, the BOY and I went out to run a few errands.  It was such a warm and sunny day!  Check out what we discovered while out and about 4 minutes from our house.  A Yogurtland!!!!




A few hours later, we came home to drop of our groceries and shopping bags.  Then, decided on an early dinner at Mediterranean.




There was some talk while we were out about planning meals for the weak, but we really didn’t hammer anything out.  Although I’d like to get back to meal planning this year, I was okay winging it this week because we have tons of homemade leftovers crowding the fridge.  For dinner, I ordered a salad with juicy and flavorful chicken.




It was a healthy way to end an entire day of clean eating and exercise!  I’ve got a few dark chocolate squares for dessert and I know the BOY will be eager to find a few of these hiding in the freezer.




As of now, I am resting my tired legs (man, it feels SO good to be sore) while watching the Indiana v Penn State Basketball game.  After the long weekend, I feel like I am still on vacation (did I already forget those 3 days of work last year).  I have a full week back in the swing of things coming up, and I have a feeling I will be in bed early again tonight (although I don’t think I can get another 12 hours of sleep).


Hope you had a Marvelous Monday!

21 thoughts on “Second Workout of the Year

  1. Glad you’re getting back into the swing of things! The stew you made looks fabulous–even just in pictures. I’m feeling a VERY early-to-bed night for me . . . I’m exhausted after my first day back to work after winter break. In fact, I think I’ll be shutting down this computer in just a few minutes. Good night!

    • My books have been keeping me busy so I have been shutting down early and curling up with a book until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I know this first full week back will be a tough one so I am going to power down too. Night!

    • I agree! There appears to have been more repair needed than I realized. Especially after such a low key week but I will defintiely give my body the rest that it needs! I’d be happy to share my stew. My mom called dibs on a bowl but with 9 cups of stew, there is enough to go around!

  2. Wow! 12 hrs of sleep plus your first run back plus Yogurtland? A marvelous Monday indeed. 😉 I’m still getting over being sick but had a fairly productive day at home. Back to the gym tomorrow for me to train clients! Should be a kind of hard and long day but I think it will feel good to be back. 😀 Have a great rest of the week!

    • Thank you!
      My first day back at work after vacation and while I was sick was 11 hours. It was tough but I totally made it through…it was the next day that I couldnt get out of bed : ) Hope you have a great day at the gym!

  3. DD, target and amazon have this pitcher with a slotted sleeve in the middle, you put the f/v in the sleeve and keep the pticher full of water… you change the sleeve of f/v every week…. think oranges, berries, peaches, pears… how fun to have naturally flavored water to enjoy as a switch…

    hurray for you… there is a ‘challenge’ that says can you do 30 minutes of activity a day for 100 days? you are on your way with your first two workouts of the year…. I say let’s go for it..

    oh, the stew sounds fabulous, looking forward to tasting… I made root vegetable soup using rotelle…. the root veggies are actually a bit sweet, lots of carrots.. and a few non root things like mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach… and the rotelle gives it a bit of bite…


    • Sounds fantastic!!!
      I like the 30 minutes of moving a day goal…I just ran 30 this morning so count me in for 3 days done!

      I want one of those pitchers. Flavored water in the fridge is what I need! At home and at work! I”ll go check it out on Amazon.

    • I am so amazed with your ability to get your workouts done indoors. I need to get better about that. The sun is helping but I’m not sure how much longer I will have before the big snow falls come : )

  4. That much sleep sounds absolutely heavenly! And, nice run… sometimes it’s about slowing down and putting one foot in front of the other 🙂

    My go-to addition to plain ol’ water: Meyer lemons. SOOOO good!

    • I have tried lemons but never Meyer lemons…I bet that is wonderful! There is something wonderful about running just to run (no training no expectations) which I hd to focus on instead of the 10 minute miles I was doing : )

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