Despite being sick, I was eager to try out my new beater blade and most likely, because I am sick, I have been craving carbohydrates!




I had just the recipe in mind when I hauled out my KitchenAid mixer and propped it in it’s rightful place on the countertop.  One day, I tell you, I will have enough counter space for you to live here!




For some crazy reason, I have NEVER made Gingerbread before, and this recipe on Cassie’s Blog Bake Your Day definitely caught my eye.  I had all of the ingredients in the house, even Greek yogurt, so after a long, hot shower to scrub off all the germs, I got to work in the kitchen.




I guess I should use the word ‘work’ rather lightly, as it seems my beater blade did all of the heavy lifting.




I even pulled out my fancy Cinnamon for the occasion.


IMG_0427 IMG_0428


This was definitely the lightest and fluffiest bread batter that I have ever made, so I just crossed my fingers that was how it was supposed to look as I placed my 4 mini loaf pans in the oven.




Originally, I had planned on making just one loaf, but knowing that the odds of me then proceeding to eat the entire loaf in one sitting were high, I switched to mini loaves. 


IMG_0436 IMG_0437


Easy for sharing or freezing…thank you portion control!




While my bread baked, I kept busy in the kitchen moving form one cabinet to another for an intense mission of cleaning, organizing, and donating.  A much overdue mission!




Since they were mini loaves, I baked them for 45 minutes instead of the full hour.  So not my most beautiful looking loaves due to some flakey edges.




But a light textured and tasty bread, none the less!




This bread has an enjoyable gingerbread flavor with a tang from the Greek yogurt.




I recommend smothering it with whatever seasonable jams and jellies you have lying around and taking a sweet bite of the holiday season!




Or whipping up a batch for breakfast to enjoy with a hot mug of coffee or tea.  Mmmm!

You can find Cassie’s recipe on Gimme Some Oven. 

Note: I didn’t see where it said what to do with the spices so I stirred them into my flour mixture.

16 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. Gingerbread is one of my family favorites-men or bread. I have never put greek yogurt in it though so I am going to have to check it out-it would certainly add some protein to the bread.

    On another note-I’m glad you are on the way to recovery and actually gave yourself some down time-your body really needs to be a “slug” sometimes to get better.

    • Thanks! I was a total slug for 2 days and it is our goal to leave the house today. I am missing the workouts, but I know that I have an active year ahead. I’d love one of your gingerbread recipes if you’ve got one…please share!

  2. I want some too!!!! sounds so good with coffee and a mini loaf would be just the right amount… you could have another giveaway!!! Hope you feel better today… I am going to enjoy my coffee sans ginger bread and then go pick up Dad at the airport…

  3. I love all things gingerbread! YUM.

    And, that beater blade looks awesome! My mom has one, though I didn’t use when I was home for Christmas. Looks like it works well!

    Happy 2013!

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