Follow Me Around with Clorox

I spent yesterday watching Law&Order reruns and rubbing Vasoline onto my raw, red nose (Rudolf?) instead of making this Gingerbread recipe using my new mixer blade like I would have preferred.  Total Bummer…right?  Similarly, I had some big plans for my Saturday that I cancelled .  I REALLY wanted to go to yoga this morning, but the thought of downward dog got my head pounding, and I wasn’t sure it was fair to the other yogi’s if I walked in with a box of Kleenex as the heat would totally get my nose running.  The BOY and I had talked about some Saturday errands, but we can revisit the idea of leaving the house after some of my meds kick in!




On the positive front, I have some serious housework to get done.  Every single cabinet in my kitchen is completely disheveled and in need of some organization.  Plus, I haven’t swiped out my tanks for sweaters in my closet.  So as I suffer with a swollen nose…I’m at that point where I wonder if I will ever breath through my nose again…my house will (possibly) benefit from me being stuck in it!




Lunch today is leftover Crockpot Chili from last night.  When I’ve finished with lunch, does that mean I need to remove myself from my comfy sick haven on the couch and get to work?  Maybe!  I’ll let you know how I do on my chores after this episode of L&O.




Most likely I will continue trolling the Athleta Website (all sale items are 20% off)…Dangerous!

And I have big plans to revamp my Recipe Page.  I did take a little time to update my 2013 Race and Ride Calendar.  I haven’t signed up for all of these races yet, but I am looking forward to an active year.  February 19th…I’ll be signing up for the Chicago Marathon!  Want to join me???  That definitely gets me excited during lazy weekends like this one.




Thanks for all of your warm get well wishes!  I appreciate all of your positive thoughts!


Have a Wonderful Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Follow Me Around with Clorox

  1. sad you still have the ickies — no fun! I am the same way when I’m home tho — I think of everything I can get done. Over achiever perhaps?! haha!! 😉 GET WELL!! xo

  2. Ah, yuck… there’s nothing worse than being sick + congested. Hope you’re feeling better SOON!

    Great races on the 2013 calendar! I would love to run Chicago 26.2, but not sure I’ll be ready after Ironman Canada!

    • Yes That would be hard back to back! If you end up doing it, let me know! Plus, it’s an awesome race to watch…so many fun people lining the streets of the city to share their energy with the runners!

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