A Cold Front

Along with most of the country, the cold front has arrived in Florida.  Yes, the Floridians have busted out their winter’s best sweaters, socks, and jackets.  When I was little and we used to come down here every winter break, rain or shine, my brother and I would be swimming in the pool.  As an adult, I am not so brave!  Instead, my morning exercise consists of a walk with my Aunt and Dad in long sleeves




I’ve been trying to get myself into a senior yoga class, but I have been met with some resistance.  I fully understand that I will be sitting in a chair throughout the class and love the idea.  When I explained to some friends my plans for winter break, they immediately referred to the book turned movie In Her Shoes where Cameron Diaz hides out at her grandma’s retirement community.  Yes, my trip is something like that EXCEPT that everyone I know in Florida is super active and exciting.



With the onset of ‘cold-ish’ weather these past 2 days, I have been keeping myself busy




Reading by the pool




Covered by a towel as needed




Luckily, the sun is warm and welcoming, so it is easy to spend time outdoors.  Yesterday afternoon, however, we explored the local indoor Flee Market.






Strolling along the stalls of jewelry, clothing, and Florida trinkets and making our way through the fruit and vegetable market.


IMAG1208 IMAG1209


We took a quick break to snag a New York style Nosh.






And a pickle on a stick to go.


IMAG1221 IMAG1223


This afternoon, we worked our way to the clubhouse for happy hour.




It’s 5:00 somewhere…Chicago to be exact!  Then went out for an amazing Italian dinner.  Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to get back up in the 70’s (Hooray!) so I can hit up the pool one last time before heading home!  But, I will be back indoors at some point tomorrow because I am eager to get my hands on this pile of recipes from my aunt and my grandma.  I’m hoping to scan as many as possible into the computer for upcoming baking projects.




Sounds like another busy day…because it is!  I have a lot to fit in since tomorrow is my last day in Florida.  It’s amazing how much family fun you can pack into just a few days. 





How are you keeping busy this cold front?

15 thoughts on “A Cold Front

  1. hrrrrrrmph!!!! I am wrapping gifts for you, and dealing with really cold air, low air tin car tires, ice.. well also shopping, putting those coupons to use, and baking.. I need you, my brownies filled with milky ways are gorgeous an dyummy but falling apar

    • I can’t wait to taste them! I am sorry that you are so cold but I will be joining you in frozen misery soon enough : )
      PS I will have many recipes from grandma and toby to make when I return!

    • I will be back at O’hare tomorrow : ( I did get into the hot tub today but did not swim any laps in the pool…oh well, there will be plenty of time for that next year. It feels wonderful to sit out in teh sun and read. Love it!

  2. You are so lucky to have those recipes-I have some of my mothers but not nearly enough-unfortunately the Italians didn’t write things down so I just learned by following around the kitchen. My dd is now trying to do the same thing when she is home on break.

    I am jealous of the warm weather as I’m a So California- girl born and raised. 15 degrees is God’s way of telling you -don’t live there 😉

    Enjoy your family and happy holidays

    • I never knew you were from Florida…yes that makes chicago winters even MORE brutal : ) Some of the recipes just have ingredients on them so there is definitely some exploring to do. I can’t wait!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful trip and a lot like In Her Shoes. The flea market looks great, especially all the produce. I could look at fruit and veggie pictures all day long.
    What a great score getting those recipes; I can’t wait to see them on your blog.

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