2nd Year Blogger-versary + 1st Giveaway



They say when you are on vacation you have no concept of time.  This is so true for me…especially with such a strange week (working Monday and Tuesday then off to Florida).  If it weren’t for the ‘Happy Anniversary’ message from WordPress this morning, I might have missed that today is December 23rd which is exactly 2 years since I started Luv What You Do with my first post titled First Day Jitters.


Last year, I had a lot to say on my 1 year Blogger-Versary and I’m not sure I could say it any better today!  That could be because I really want to go back outside and climb into the swimming pool hot tub.


I wasn’t really sure how to ‘celebrate’ today, but I thought that my first giveaway would be ideal for this momentous occasion.  Unlike some other bloggers, I don’t make money from blogging, so free stuff isn’t knocking at my door.  However, Brooks Running, if you happen to ready this, I love you and want to be on your TEAM.  What is waiting for me every day are the comments, encouragement, stories, questions, and smiles from YOU, my wonderful readers.  I look forward to seeing what’s going on in your world and sharing my latest shenanigans, recipes and photos.  There have been many a stressful day this year when your comment or email has literally made me laugh out loud.  For this, along with the great ideas for recipes and workouts, I am grateful!  Which is why, I’d like to give you a gift.  Sounds fun…right? 




I thought about this for awhile and really wanted to share something that ANYONE could use and enjoy.  Then, I thought of one of the most fun and versatile gifts that I’ve received.  Insert Light Bulb Here!  An Amazon Gift Card!!!


It has been a year of growth on Luv What You Do.  I faced my first attack from blog haters, and completed a complicated professional certification course.  But reading through past posts and seeing the bright colors of cookie decorations, fresh veggies, or and sunsets remind me of all the adventures lived this year.  I cannot thank you enough for your positive energy and support!  Please keep it coming!


1st Giveaway Rules as Written by Jen:

1. You must be a follower of Luv What You Do (Many of you have been with me from the beginning of this journey, so this is for you!)

2. You must leave a comment below telling me one or all of the following…

       Why did you start blogging? 

       What is your favorite thing about reading/writing a blog? 

       What is your favorite aspect or post from Luv What You Do? (if you have one…no Mom, you can’t say the author)

3. No double entries please

4. The Winner….will be picked in a scientifically fair manner in which I will tell the BOY to pick a number 1-however many entries there are (usually this is like 8 tops) and that person will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

5. The Giveaway ends on December 26, 2012 at 11:59 central time and the winner will be announced on December 27, 2012.

6. The gift card will be mailed out as soon as Amazon can get it to you!



I have no idea where this next year will take me.  I still enjoy what I am doing and the friendships formed in the blog world, so I’m hoping that Luv What You Do will continue to evolve.  First step…getting my own domain.  Any suggestions where to start?  Then, I have some updates to make to the recipe page.  Fun stuff!  For now, I will enjoy what is left of my last day in Florida before flying home tomorrow.




Season’s Greetings!

29 thoughts on “2nd Year Blogger-versary + 1st Giveaway

  1. Happy Blogger-versary!!!

    I started blogging because I had been reading healthy living blogs for a while, and had dreamed about doing my own, but was too scared. Then, I decided to do something crazy–and begin a health coaching career. At that point, I decided I wanted to jump both feet in–and start a blog. I’ve loved every minute so far. 🙂

    My favorite thing about blogging is having a creative outlet for something I’m passionate about. You can only talk about this sort of stuff with friends for so long before they want to change topics.

    What captured my attention on your blog was that you were living in the Chicagoland area–so that was cool–and, I love your positive energy and healthy, and well-balanced approach to all that you do. I really do enjoy reading your posts and I’m hoping that we can meet IRL sometime soon! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yeah!!! Congratulations Happy Blog-a-versary!
    I started blogging because I had been reading blog for months and thought it would be a great documentation of my running, weight loss and recipes!
    My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with so many people across the country who without the blog I wouldn’t have in my life.
    What I love about your blog is your beautiful workout pictures from bike rides and all your recipes. When I need some some new Ideas I like getting inspired by your blog 🙂
    Have a wonderful holiday! We have TONS of snow, I would love some sunshine!

    • What a joyful comment to read. I totally agree with you on number 2. It has been wonderful to connect with people across the country who all share this common interest. I will keep the pictures coming as I hae been attached to my camera the past 5 days and know I will need more sunshine pictures when I am home in the snow tomorrow : )

      Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy blog-iversary! Two years is awesome… congrats!

    I started blogging in October 2010, but then because of grad school craziness, took a hiatus until March 2012. I originally started blogging about life and fitness and now it’s mostly focused on triathlon, fitness and life 🙂 My favorite part about it: All the connections I’ve made and all the other fantastic blogs (yours included) I’ve found because of it.

    Keep up the great writing, and cheers to another super year! 🙂

  4. Happy 2 year Anniversary!!

    I started blogging because I really enjoy reading others people’s blogs so I thought it would be fun to have my own. It has connected me to a lot of every other blogs that I wouldn’t have ever came across before.

    I love all your Florida pics!! Happy Holidays!!

    • I will be happy to continue sharing the palm tree and sunshine pictures now that I am back home in the snow : ) So glad to hear that you enjoyed them. Cheers to fun new blogger friends!

  5. You are so adorable! Two YEARS!!!?! That is so awesome!! I was just celebrating two months and am always smiling when I have a new comment or like. i mean, who really cares about little ‘ole me? YOU do!! Thank you Jen for all your nice comments. It means a lot when I don’t know what the heck I’m doing other than loving life and sharing it with the universe (well, a few of the universe).

    To answer your questions: why? a love for writing and sharing what I do with hopefully similar like-minded individuals!! My favorite thing about blogging is coming up with something funny (doesn’t always happen – but I love when it does … most funny moments are at my own expense! haha) and 3 – since I’m not your mom, I can say YOU are my favorite thing about your blog. I appreciate YOU taking the time to read my blog posts and comment – I love that you went out and tried the Brooks Pure shoes! – and I love that you post about as many photos as I do!! haha!! That’s a lot!!!

    ps … can I be jealous that you are in Florida?! Because I am!! 😉

    xoxo Merry Christmas

    oh… p.p.s. —- let me at those blog haters …… so NOT cool.

    • What a well written comment! You seriously make my day. I love all of the pictures and always share tons and tons! It’s great to hear that you like it. You can definitely be jealous of my 5 days in Florida because they were really happy and special. I am super lucky! I enjoy reading your blog and your race times are incredible!

  6. I am still a blogger wanna be, I have a blog set up… I just don’t know what to do with it yet…. but one day I will!!! I think you should have a blogger meet up once a year… and blogger commenters could be invited also…

    DD, my favorite is the guest post that Emmy (the cat) wrote before she became ill…. she had quite the true appreciation for life with you.. I think your best written blogs were the ‘when life throws you a hurricane’ posts about our trip east in Aug of 2011..

    hmmm, your photos of sunsets… your photos of the high line in NYC,

    your sincerity and kindness… come through always..

    the food part is good too! I even make some of the recipes… yours and the ones you pass along from other bloggers..

    so, I want to be in the giveaway, however if I win, let me know and then have the BOY pull another winner…. neopotism and all ya know…

    welcome back to chilly chi town after your amazing trip to the warmth of Florida weather and Florida family, especially GP who at 100 and 1/2 still feels the need to buy a new pot for his cooking!!!

    HUGS DD and here is to a wonderful year ahead for you….

    • Thank you Mom!
      Your words are so sweet and kind! The blogger meet up sounds great. I know that they are popular in other cities and I love the idea!

      I am back home safe and sound on my couch…I have a little holiday baking to do and then it’s nap time before tonight’s dinner.

  7. Happy Blogiversary!! This is so exciting for you. 🙂 And I started blogging because I truly love to bake, I love to write, and I love to take photographs. It just made sense to visit Worpress one day and start one on my own. 🙂

  8. Happy bloggerversary! I started blogging because I wanted to make sure I had a written memory of all my kids activities, firsts, etc. It turned into more than that! I’ve taken a year long hiatus and I can’t wait to get back into it! Starting after Christmas, way excited! I’m following you via email!

  9. Happy blogger-versary! I love that you are always so positive in your posts…you never complain and you always seem like you are cooking things that make other people’s days brighter! I started blogging because I wanted to write and connect with other people- it’s been so fun “meeting” blogger friends, like you 🙂 enjoy your last day in FL

    • You are so sweet! I try to stay postiive especially on the blog and love that you notice that! I can’t wait to make my dream of visitng San Fran come true and I will be bugging you for suggestions! Merry Xmas Eve!

  10. Happy Blog – Anniversary. Two years is an amazing feat. Congratulations!!!
    I started blogging back in May of 2012 so I haven’t hit a year yet, and I started because I wanted to share health and wellness recipes, and I wanted to write. It’s been so long since I’ve done it creatively. What I didn’t expect, but love all the same, is all the lovely and funny comments and positive support I’ve received from the blogging community, friends and family. It’s great to find and connect with other like minded individuals.

  11. I started blogging as an assignment for school, I love reading other blogs. I find recipes, reviews on products and inspirational readings.

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