Where For Out Thou Circular Pretzels?

Is it wrong for me to tease you with pictures like this?





If the answer is yes, then I sincerely apologize!  I had a fantastic first day in Florida.  I spent some quality time catching up with my aunt and my grandpa!  I took a dip in the pool, briefly trying out my new goggles and then came back inside to read, actually finishing my book.




All in all, it was a pretty great day!  Along with reading, resting, and eating at the deli, I lugged my laptop down here so that I can catch up on emails (I’ve been awful recently) and some blogging.  Not at the expense of my vitamin D needs, of course, but I thought I would have some free time at night to catch you up on all my holiday baking.

Which brings me to this very important question…


Where Have All the Circular Pretzels Gone?


I searched near and far, high and low, this store and that store, plus another store and could not find circular pretzels for this year’s holiday chocolates.  I’m sure had I planned in advance I could have ordered some online, but since I found them so easily last year, I didn’t think twice.  I had some help from my mom in locating a non-buttered square pretzel, which was a successful stand in.




Afterwards, I found football shaped pretzels that would have be fun.  Maybe next time!




I spent an episode of Grey’s Anatomy unwrapping Hershey kisses.  I love variety when it comes to these festive sweets which means mixing different kisses and M&M flavors.  This year’s kisses included milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hugs, and white chocolate peppermint (these are the BEST!).  The Grey’s drama continued and my wrapper pile just kept growing!




When my show was over, I took my bowl of kisses into the kitchen.


IMG_0053 IMG_0085


Then got to work…quick hands mean action shots are hard to get.






This year’s M&M flavors included…




Plain (what was left after the BOY discovered them), mint, white chocolate peppermint, and coconut!




I mix and matched all of the kisses with all of the M&M’s for some fun flavors and colorful candies!








It is a-okay if your mouth is watering right now because this simple recipe is BIG on taste!




I loaded up my chocolate pretzels with some holiday bark to share with my coworkers.  It’s amazing how simple these are to make yet wherever I bring them, EVERYONE loves them!






I ended up with plenty of candy to share.  After making the bags for my coworkers, I added some to my already full holiday tins.




And of course brought a bag down here with me to Florida!

But the big question remains…how many will be left when I return home. The BOY has already asked which containers ‘hiding’ in the freezer are on and off limits?  And he has snuck into his parent’s tin of cookies TWICE!




At least we know if a big snow storm hits, he’ll have plenty to eat!



Chocolate Circle Rings Squares



Circle or square pretzels (in a pinch, the regular shape will work too!)

Hershey’s kisses

M&M’s (get creative with your flavor combinations)



Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Place pretzels on baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Unwrap kisses and place them on top of pretzels.

Bake for 4-5 minutes until chocolate is soft. Look for chocolate to start to ‘sweat’ and if you are not sure, try a tester M&M.  The ugly ones are perfect for snacks and samples!  (***NOTE: Milk chocolate will take longer to melt while white chocolate will melt quickly).

Remove from oven and immediately place an M&M on top of the chocolate pushing it down. Refrigerate until set.

Store in airtight container in the fridge of the freezer.



Other Varieties…


Turtle Pretzels





Candy Corn Hugs with Pumpkin Kisses



18 thoughts on “Where For Out Thou Circular Pretzels?

  1. I’ve made these same treats–and you’re right–the circular pretzels are a pain to find! I feel like they release one big batch of bags at the beginning of the holiday season, and if you don’t buy them then, you’re out of luck.

  2. Yum, these all look like they turned out awesome, even though you couldn’t find the circular pretzels. =) and I love that you did all your unwrapping while watching Grey’s – I do stuff like that all the time, too – makes the unwrapping go quicker!

    • I’m so happy I’m not the only one sticking with the show…love it! And I get so much down while I watch it on Mondays. The square pretzels definitely worked out just fine and tasted just as good!

  3. These look great even tho you couldnt fund circular ones – hey they taste the same anyways right? 😉 I love that you used all the awesome flavored kisses – which is one of my favorite things about this time of year 🙂

  4. I love this pretzel treat!! It’s such a classic, yet I have NEVER made them! They look so cute and tasty. So does that tin of goodies!! Glad you’re having fun in the sun!

    • I couldn’t believe that I went for a run in shorts and a Tshirt today. Crazy! You’ll defnitely have to make a batch or two of these. They are great to have in the house and make good gifts!

  5. Ohh, I need to make these little pretzels before xmas! My mom made them last year, I think. I don’t think she could find the circle pretzels either… The squares look just as tasty!

  6. Those palm trees look pretty fantastic, especially since it’s 2 degrees in northern Minnesota right now 🙂

    LOVE the white chocolate peppermint kisses! I need to stock up so I can enjoy them all year!

  7. where can we buy the circular pretzels. I normally buy mine in PA online at callies candies but they are closed for the month of January!

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