(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday-2012 Year in Review
















































I am currently on a plane heading south for the winter. Ok, I am only heading south for 5 days, but it really is perfect timing. It has been a fun, intense, busy, exciting, and exhausting year. Five days relaxing in the Florida sun with my family are exactly what I need to unwind at the start of my two week winter break. No, I shouldn’t technically have 2 weeks off of work, but I am getting out of town a little early leaving me plenty of time to recharge for 2013.

2011 Year in Review


What is your favorite memory of 2012?

14 thoughts on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday-2012 Year in Review

    • Thanks! I am such a visual person that seeing all the colors and the scenes of the year reminds how much fun I had in between all the work, class and stress. A great way to (almost) end the year : )

  1. Love it all! I must have started reading after your beach holiday- the colour of the ocean is incredible! Looks like a year of fantastic memories and lots of outdoor adventure!
    Enjoy your time in FL with the family.

    • I am definitely enjoying some QT with my aunt and gpa! The BOY and I did an 8 night cruise last January to some amazing islands. There are some stunning beach shots (the one here is from St Kitts) in the January archives if you are looking for some sunshine this winter. haha!

    • Yes…your 5 person yoga class sounded amazing! I am feeling lucky to have 5 days away and then an entire week back home before heading back to work in January! There are definitely a lot of people traveling as our plane was filled this morning with families and small children!

  2. Someone turned 100!? That’s amazing!! I must not have seen that post, or it was before I found your blog!! OH AND you clean up SOOO WELL!! Not that you aren’t b-e-a-utiful when you are working out, but WHOA baybayy you look gorgeous with your hair down and a bit of make up on!!

    • Thanks for the laugh and the smile. I have patients at work who want to see my ‘weekend look’ ha ha!

      My grandpa, who I just hung out with today) is 100 1/2 years old and remarkable. His birthday was in April if you have time to go search the post down…it was really a lot of fun and a special celebration!

      Thanks again for your sweet words!

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