Back Tomorrow

I am observing a blogging day of silence as described HERE and HERE in wake of the unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut.  Words cannot express the sadness I feel.  My thoughts go out to the teachers, the students, and their families this week and always!



I’ll be back tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Back Tomorrow

  1. well said, and a beautiful photo… the cloud obscures the sun… and yet… hope remains..

    many speak of gun control, I read a compelling blog titled, ‘I am Adam Lanza’s mom’… written by another monther of a brilliant yet disturbed young man… and the lack of services for the mentally challenged..

    we have alot to do in this country.. and it goes beyond the fiscal cliff… it goes to our committment of the country we choose to create/maintain.

    with hugs and love to you.. your heart is so big… and you are so special…

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