Baking Strategies

A few strategies to help get you started with your holiday (or non holiday) Bake-a-Thon!


1. Be Prepared

I have been making list after list after list all week of all of things that I need and been in contact with my baking partner discussing ingredients and ideas for about 2 weeks.





2. Do Your Research

Read cookbooks and blogs, talk with baking friends and family for assistance with technique or storage ideas.  I am a freezer storage girl and keep plenty of ziploc freezer bags and containers handy.



3. Eat a Filling Breakfast

I should really learn that those who are not good pancake flippers, should NOT attempt to make 1 big pancake.  Although this looks like a giant blog, this pancake was actually amazing.  Based on Tina’s OMG! Recipe, I used 1 banana + 1egg+ 1/4 cup almond butter.




4. Allow Butter, Cream Cheese, and Eggs Time

Room temperature doesn’t happen quickly mid December so pull your ingredients out of the fridge a few hours before you start baking.




5. Plan Breaks

My mom and I have some coupons that need spending, so we are planning on heading out for a quick afternoon baking break!



6. Stay Hydrated

I am planning on making us Green Smoothies after yoga to keep us energized throughout the afternoon!  I also may try making this Spiced Wine to sip on!




7. Share the Baking Love

Spread the holiday joy by sharing your goodies with friends, coworkers, and family, but also those you may not know as well.  ie the postman!  They will really appreciate the homemade treats!



8. Have Fun

Wear comfy clothes, laugh and get creative!  No matter how your goodies turn out, remember what the day is really about….cookie dough!  Ha ha!





Let the baking begin…

16 thoughts on “Baking Strategies

  1. Great tips, especially #4. I’m always so impatient!
    I baked sugar cookies and muffins today. The sugar cookie dough was so good that I ate more than a few cookies worth in dough!

  2. I didn’t get my green smoothie !!!!

    we baked for hours and hours and hours and hours… and barely dented the desired recipes… back a thons should last WEEKS!

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