3 Bags Full

I came out of hibernation today.  It seems that my hibernation was a little premature being that it reached 45 degrees outside.  I also had a lot of worthwhile places to be.




After a filling breakfast of eggs and toast, I hit the trail for a ~4 mile run.  The air was damp but the weather was warm.  I kept having to remind myself that it was December 8th!  There is nothing more refreshing after a run than a Green Smoothie




Especially this time of year when greens are replaced with holiday sweets!




This morning’s blend included:


1 cup almond milk

1 banana

1/4 cup oats

Frozen mango (whatever was left in the bag)

Ice cubes




I’m still getting used to how powerful my new blender is.  It’s incredible how quickly everything comes together.  My old blender had to be 8 years old which is pretty ancient in terms of kitchen gadgets.  I grabbed my smoothie, and the BOY and I headed out the door for our biannual dentist visit.  It was a happy visit for both!  Look Mom…no cavities!


On the way back we stopped for lunch.




It was the first meal the BOY and I have had together in a few days, so it was nice to sit and catch up for bit before heading our separate ways.  The BOY was off to the library (1 final down, 3 more to go), and I was back here for a facial.




This was a HUGE treat and I walked out almost 2 hours later literally glowing!  Clean teeth…clean skin…what a day!  I swung by Whole Foods and then Target before making my way back home to return to hibernation.


Can you guess what I am doing this weekend?




And No, the BOY and I didn’t break up…ha ha!




I stocked up on sugar, chocolate, more sugar, butter, and flour for Sunday’s Bake-a-thon which I am SUPER excited for!

1 Trip to Target = 3 Full Bags of baking goodness!




I walked in the door, unpacked my goodies and gave the BOY the hand off to get started on dinner.  I picked up the food and he was in charge of cooking it.




My jobs…pouring the wine!




And making this simple seasonal dessert.




Dinner was ready (yummy shrimp fajitas!), and the BOY and I sat down to watch the DVRed Indiana Basketball game.




There’s definitely something nice about fast forwarding through the commercials and getting to replay all of the acrobatic dunks.  After a busy day, it feels great to be back home in hibernation mode with the BOY.  But I can’t stay up too late because I have a busy day of baking with my Mom ahead of me.




Happy Hanukkah!

9 thoughts on “3 Bags Full

  1. I’ve tried kale in a green smoothie once and wasn’t a fan, but yours looks SO good, so I’ll have to give it another whirl 🙂

    Mmmm… prosecco!

    Happy Hanukkah!

  2. As I read this post, I was drinking the exact same prosecco as you were! Weird!! Love all your recipes. Now if I could only get myself in to the kitchen to try some of them. Or I might just live vicariously through you!!

    • That is totally random. I love prosecco…just can’t get enough : )
      You should definitely try some of these easy no bakes. They are so fun to make and even more exciting to eat! If not, there will be plenty of the good stuff on the blog!

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