Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow

Spending a weekend in class means that some downtime is deserved.




Downtime begins with breakfast.  And for this morning, I made HG’s Banana Pancakes.




Except that I made one huge pancake and covered it with bananas, coconut, and agave!  YUMMY!




Do you recognize the plate?  While eating breakfast, I flipped through a few cookbooks and wrote up this week’s meal plan.  After breakfast, I headed out to meet the trainer for a strength session.  She worked me really hard and was super impressed with how much stronger my planks looked.  Afterwards, I made a quick trip to the grocery store and then came home for lunch.  And, I am in for the day!  I have holiday cards to write, laundry to wash, and trashy girly TV to watch.

Oh, and did I mention I made dessert?!




I had some of my favorite mint and dark chocolate chips in the pantry.




And the brilliant idea to turn them into Puppy Chow.




I can say that it was brilliant because I’ve tasted the final results!


IMG_9656 IMG_9657

IMG_9658 IMG_9662


You will find it to be incredible once you try it too!




I started with one bite, which turned into two bites…


IMG_9665 IMG_9666


And then I lost count!  I was a little worried that the peanut butter would overshadow the mint chocolate flavor, but the mint and chocolate are the true stars here!




As usual, my puppy chow went straight into the freezer where I am to ‘forget about it’.  This is also because I LOVE frozen puppy chow!




I think I need to move tonight’s dessert to the back of the freezer because its not hidden very well.  I fear there won’t be any left for the BOY when he returns from his study sessions!


IMG_9674 IMG_9673


I can never get enough puppy chow!  Here are a few of my other favorite varieties!

And with your leftover mint dark chocolate chips, I recommend making one of these recipes!



Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow



6 cups Chex cereal (I used corn)

1 cup Nestle Dark Chocolate Mint Morsels

2/3 cups peanut butter

1/3 cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

3-4 cups powdered sugar



Measure and pour cereal into a large bowl.

Place mint chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter in a large microwave bowl.  Heat in 30 seconds increments until melted, stirring often to avoid burning.  Stir in vanilla.

Pour chocolate mixture over cereal.  Using a spatula, fold everything together until cereal is well coated.

Fold in powdered sugar 1 cup at a time.  Sample often!


Optional: Freeze!  But don’t really make this optional.  Just do it and then enjoy straight from the freezer.  It’s SO GOOD!

13 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow

    • I will definitely share with you! I am totally addicted to the stuff and cold use some help eating it. Plus, we could just hang out and chat : ) You should definitely make this for the holidays. I think it will be a crowd pleaser!

  1. I looove puppy chow and this recipe looks absolutely perfect! Why didn’t I ever think of adding mint?!? So is this recipe your favorite? The other recipes looked good too and I can’t decide which one to make:)

    • It’s between this one and the white chocoalte I think. They are both really good and fall into the addicting category. For this time of year, I say go with the mint! And stock up on the dark chocolate mint chips because they are seasonal!

  2. Your freezer looks like mine! Gotta love veggie burgers:) People go crazy over Puppy Chow when you give it as presents!:)

    • I did share some with the BOY and packed some up to share with my Mom but I am trying to avoid running into the kitchen and eating handfuls for breakfast this morning : ) Instead, I will go for a run!

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