Blogging Bits-My Evening in Fragments

Class is over


I am covered in KinesioTape (again)




The weather is warm


The grill is fired up


These are the only plates available




The Bear’s lost (this was not supposed to happen)


I didn’t get to watch the game


Meal planning has been postponed until tomorrow


Dinner is served (BBQ on a snowman plate…how fitting for December 2nd)




Happy to catch up on some TV (I do love this Elementary show)


Wine is poured




I am exhausted…


Can’t wait for my day off tomorrow!



What was your favorite fragment of today?

16 thoughts on “Blogging Bits-My Evening in Fragments

    • I’m a huge fan of KT. I tape myself up any time my back starts to act up and I use it with my patients too! I am so happy that Elementary is making the cut because it’s a really cute show!

    • You can use it to facilitate a muscle or relax a muscle (like my right arm), you can use to for stability at a joint or to decrease swelling and bruising. Basically anything! My favorite use is on my back, but I’ve also used it on my ITband and my wrist while I’m biking.

    • So funn! I had breakfast on it this morning : ) We have these plastic plates for every holiday that I buy on sale at Target. When all of our plates are dirty, we end up eating of of them!

    • The BOY is not a cold weather griller so it was a real treat for us. He even said that he couldn’t believe that he was grilling in December. The snowman plate just made everything taste even better : )

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