11 Down

I didn’t think I would be saying this again for a long time, but I’m spending another weekend in class.  I know…right?  It’s like I just can’t get enough!  Great way to dive into December!  The only reason it works is because I am a huge fan of the instructors, some of my friends from the certification course are also in the class, and most importantly, I don’t have to work Monday so I will at least get one day off this week!




But first, I had to bundle up for an easy run this morning.  It’s been a week since my half marathon and I have enjoyed sleeping in and resting up.  But when I don’t exercise, I definitely miss my stress relief.  This morning’s sunrise was spectacular.  With frost covering the trees, a foggy haze in the air, and a pink sky, I couldn’t get over how beautiful my surroundings were.  I even saw 2 dear bounding along the path.  I was sad not to have my camera but loved soaking in the peaceful morning before driving to class.  It was the ideal way to start a typically hectic month, and I am hoping planning on keeping that peaceful feeling with me for the next 31 plus days!


I don’t think that I can move forward with my monthly recap without commenting on how fun and exciting it was to celebrate Peanut Butter Month with 4 new recipes!  My mouth starts watering just thinking about it!




And, I may have discovered my new favorite Banana Bread!  We definitely ate well this month, and this Crabby Mac (and Cheese) is a new household favorite.   Along with this Turkey Meatball and Barley Soup.




I’m not exactly sure where 11 months have gone.  I remember 12/31/11 like it was yesterday and some days it feels like it actually was yesterday.  But other days, it feels like this year has dragged on and been way more stressful than necessary.  I don’t think I have lived as healthy this year when it comes to food, emotions, exercise, or sleep.  Late in the year, I came back swinging with my healthy habits and have felt much better since doing so, but I still have a long way to go.  That being said, I don’t plan on putting pressure on myself to accomplish a year’s worth of goals in one busy month.  I think this is fair!  But, I do want to stay focused on ending this year on a healthy note with a big smile on my face!





November Goals

Healthy Habits Continued…this month’s focus is on real foods and portion control

     Good news!  I am still on plan with the healthy habits and the scale is starting to take notice.  I don’t think I will be in my skinny jeans by New Years, but hopefully early next year.

Half Marathon PR…seems like a reach, especially with my recent illness, but I’m going for it

     So close!  I had a fun and successful race, and I am looking forward to breaking 1:50 NEXT year!

A 4 minute plank

     Did it!

Feeling thankful for a happy, healthy, and family-filled Thanksgiving

     Easiest goal EVER! I have the most amazing family!  They make spending time together so easy and exciting and there is always so much laughter in our house.  For this, I am so very thankful!


*I didn’t have weekly meal planning as an official goal, but I do think that this accomplishment is worthy of mentioning.


December Goals

Avoid holiday weight gain (aka Healthy Habits Supersized)…No explanation necessary!

Twice Weekly Yoga (1x studio and 1x home)

Strength training!  Must figure out the gym situation for the winter.

Make the most of ‘winter break’ by organizing and decorating our house



Heads up…also coming this month Baking Bonanza 2012! 

Get ready for some holiday cheer!

10 thoughts on “11 Down

  1. I have done ZERO core work in a longgg time and I went to do a plank the other day and held it for ONE minute..it was sad!! Your 4 minute plank is amazing!! HAH! Awesome goals..I can’t believe the new year is almost here! Are those PB pretzel cookies..YUM!

    • They are…with homemade peanut butter. I highly recommend them! Core work is the hardest thing for me to get motivated to do but I know the plank is one of the best for my abs, so I have been trying to get motivated to do it. The challenges always seem to work )

  2. It’s the weirdest thing- all my comments are going to spam, even on my own blog! Anyways, this turkey barley soup sounds fantastic- that is one of my all time favorite combos:)

  3. I feel like since graduating college time has been flying by! I can’t believe that it’s been 2 1/2 year in the real world already!! Those cookies look amazing!

    • They are pretty awesome! I think it was the homemade peanut butter! I agree, I was trying to figure out how many years it’s been since I graduated from grad school and the number keeps growing. Yikes!

  4. You WILL break 1:50 in 2013! I’m with you on the strength training + staying active / eating healthy during the holidays. And, organization is on the top of my list for January.

    • Yes, I have a week off before the new year and always try to get reorganzied before the new year. This year we have things to do around the house. They always make me feel better!

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