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Based on your suggestions, I think it’s possible to rename this post ‘How to Have a Stress Free Turkey Trot’!




You start by getting a good night’s sleep, eating a filling breakfast, sipping on black tea, checking the weather (25 degrees…yikes!), bundling up for the day ahead, and putting a smile on your face.




Do I look warm and toasty?  I only felt warm until I got out of the car.  At which point, the BOY and I had 45 minutes to walk around, use the bathrooms, and prep for my race.




He pointed out that the end of November was a little too cold for a race.  Ya think?  It really didn’t feel too cold until this morning since my last few runs have been unseasonably warm and delightful.  I was even wearing short sleeves for my 12 miler!  About 15 minutes before the race, the BOY and I made our way to the start line. 


IMG_9474 IMG_9475


Now, I know I don’t look warm in this picture.  The race began and I found my way to a friendly group of runners.  I had no idea what to expect so I just put one foot in front of the other.  One of my favorite things to tell new runners before their first race is to ‘Enjoy Every Mile’.  Feeling bitter cold through my fingers and toes, I decided to focus on this saying throughout my race.  During a run, every mile brings new views, new people, and new experiences.  I look forward to each mile…sometimes it is excitement and other miles offer new friendships and scenery.  I can’t stop window shopping cute jackets and shoes on the other runners, and there are always a few running patterns to observe (I call this an occupational hazard…ha ha!). 

About 3 miles into this morning’s race, I was starting to warm up and keeping an impressive pace.  The only problem…I really had to pee.  You can ask how this happens after using the bathroom multiple times before the race, but I can only blame it on the shivering cold and possibly a nervous bladder.  I decided to make a quick (only 1 minute) bathroom stop in the middle of the race for fear that my stomach would become upset.  The hardest thing about the cold was the frigid air streaming in and out of my lungs.  I was really looking forward to making my way to mile 10 where I knew that my Dad, Aunt, and the BOY were waiting to cheer me on.




My family came at the perfect time since I was starting to lose some steam.  My Aunt lives in Florida, so she was all bundled up, which of course made me smile!  At this point, I was only checking my mile splits and had no idea what my overall time was. 


The last 3 miles were an out and back, so I knew the family would be waiting for me again. I started getting some pain in my right foot, but kept on moving. I also saw the funniest sign that said ‘Chafe Now, Brag Later’…so true!  And another one that read ‘A half marathon because you’re only half crazy!’ It was a challenging last mile, but I powered through checking my watch just as I crossed the finish line.  It said 1:50:36 (Hooray!), and I was awarded an awesome medal for my efforts : )




I grabbed 2 glasses of hot apple cider and some pretzels while constantly walking to prevent my legs from starting to cramp up.  I was so super excited to have finished such a speedy race (especially with the cold weather and the nontraditional race prep).  I thought that my previous record was around 1:51, but when I got home, I double checked.  My PR in a 2008 half marathon was 1:50:24….so close today!  But, I did stop for a potty break.  So I’m calling this one a tie.  That’s ok….right?  Next year, I will break 1:50…mark my words.  But today, I am thrilled with my accomplishment and my ability to ENJOY EVERY MILE (even the cold ones)!




Plus spending the rest of the day with my family was great!  Especially digging into this mushroom and spinach cheese-less pizza!


IMG_9482 IMG_9483


Perfect post race fuel!  After which, I came home to collapse on the couch in my compression stockings and rest my tired legs.  I am pretty stiff, but proud of today’s effort!  Thankfully, I have already scheduled a Monday morning massage.  I am so lucky to have the most amazing support system and love sharing my races with them!  Thanks guys for standing out in the cold just to watch this half crazy girl finish another half marathon!


2012 Schaumburg Half Marathon Turkey Trot
Saturday, November 24, 2012




Bib #

Overall Place

Age Group Place
23 F 30-34

Chip Time



It is with this post that I officially end the 2012 Race Season!  But I am already planning ahead to next year. 


Did anyone else run a turkey trot?

What do you have scheduled for next year?


Mile Splits

Mile 1 8.01

Mile 2 8:12

Mile 3 8:18

Mile 4 7:23*

Mile 5 9:33*

Mile 6 8:27 (with a bathroom break)

Mile 7 8:20

Mile 8 8:22

Mile 9 8:26

Mile 10 8:54

Mile 11 8:22

Mile 12 8:43

Mile 13.1 9: 26

Total: 1:50:35

*I think this mile marker was a little off because I wasn’t running this fast nor was mile 5 that slow!

30 thoughts on “Enjoy Every Mile

    • Congrats on your 10k! On thanksgiving, that is even more impressive. Ohh…I wish I knew some other runners in my area. We could have hundled together to stay warm : ) I will have to check them out. Thanks!

      • Hi! I was also freezing at the Schaumburg Half. Jac pointed your blog out to me and I love it. I love reading about other runners in the Chicago area. You did amazing at this race and that is a great time!

      • I am so happy that you found me! I love hearing about other runners in the area. I thought yesterday’s group was so friendly and nice. There was so much cheering from start to finish. I loved it. Congrats on surviving the cool and thanks so much for the comment!

  1. AWESOME!!!!! This post is so awesome I am on a runners high just reading it! GREAT JOB!! You most def PR’d this race since you stopped to pee. Had you not stopped you would have most def beaten your last PR!! YAYAYA!

    • Thank you! I totally feel your enthusiasm and my aunt (who lives out of town so usually doesn’t see me after races) was like…Wow, she’s got a lot of energy! Ha ha! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. As your mom would say “YAY YOU!” Awesome job and it was definitely a tie or better! Only crazy runners would try to run in those temps-what an awesome cheering squad too!

  3. My club had a Thanksgiving fun run, but not a race. I have 6 races on my 2013 schedule so far and two more for 2012. It’s getting a little cold to run races here in Mass but I can’t help my self!
    I plan on posting my running schedule some time this week.
    Congrats on the Half. 9 seconds off of your PR? not bad!

    • Thank you! I’m so impressed with your long list for next year. I really want to run a rock n roll half marathon next year, so I’m already checking them out. What is your favorite distance ro run?

      • The Half Marathon is probably my favorite with the 10K second. A full marathon takes a lot of work to prepare for and is an all day event. A half is a much more managable event and can be a lot of fun.
        10Ks are great because there are a lot of them, many are near by and they often have great post race parties.
        Marathons are a major event and take a lot of work to prepare for and finish. I am addicted to them and try to run a few each year.

      • That is amazing! I ran my first marathon last year and am gearing up for chicago again next fall, but I don’t know that I could do more than one in a year. You are so right that they take major prep!

  4. Way to go! Congrats on a great race! What a great way to end the 2012 season 🙂

    I had plans to run the Turkey Day 5K in MPLS, but opted to avoid the chaos of 16,000 runners and joined my tri team for 90 minutes of stairs instead. My calves were so sore!

    • I can only imagine! I do like 10 minutes of stairs at the ice rink with my trainer and it s brutal! You are awesome! My turkey trot was a small community event which was perfect for such a busy holiday!

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