How Not to Prepare for a Half Marathon

Number 1

Spend Wednesday night out drinking for your brother’s birthday, and stay up way too late waking up totally dehydrated and in desperate need of caffeine!




Number 2

Inhale massive amounts of processed sugars and carbs!


IMAG1131 IMG_9430


Number 3

Continue to drink from the world’s largest bottle of prosecco.




Number 4

Schedule your last 3 mile run for Thanksgiving day, which is nearly impossible to accomplish due to Numbers 1-3.


Number 5

Spend the day before your race (aka Black Friday) on your feet shopping and waiting in hour long lines for really cute clothes!





Number 6

Spend 48 straight hours talking non stop so that you have a scratchy throat and hoarse voice.


Number 7

The night before the race, fill up on sweet potato pie by the forkful.




Number 8

Then proceed onto a random-thrown-together dinner of leftovers including sleep-inducing turkey.





I would encourage you not to follow my lead with the worst race prep ever (goodbye PR), but feel free to borrow my prerace positive attitude knowing that I had an awesome 3 days (and got some really good Black Friday deals) and that no matter what happens tomorrow, I am so happy and thankful to be running 13.1 miles.  Until then, I will be rehydrating and sipping tea with my legs up thinking warm thoughts before I wake up to the coldest day since last winter!  Brrr!



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