Burpee, Squat, Push, and Sit

I stayed up a little later than usual last night trying to cheer the Bear’s (complete with their backup quarterback) onto a comeback victory against the 49ers.  No such luck for the Bear’s!  It’s a sad turn of events after an impressive start to the season.  Oh, to be a Chicago fan : )  Moving on from football and forward to Thanksgiving…Hooray!  I should warn you ahead of time that my posts may be a little spotty this week.  I am spending some time in the city and at the P’s and have no idea if there will be any time between bites of food to blog.




My schedule has changed a bit allowing me to go in later to work on Tuesday mornings.  Typically, I have been getting in my shorter runs, but I ran 5 miles yesterday and the only run left before Saturday’s half marathon is a Thanksgiving 3 miler.  I’m not so sure when that’s going to happen, but we shall see!  I wasn’t going to run this morning and it’s too chilly to bike and I don’t currently have a gym membership and there are no early Tuesday morning yoga classes, which left me in need of a home workout.  I am not a good home exerciser.  I never have been!  I have piles and piles of workouts pulled out of magazines in hopes of one day being that girl who will bust into lunges during a commercial, but they end up covered in dust before eventually being recycled.


I know that I REALLY need to do more strength training, so I had high hopes when I discovered this easy at home workout on Jess’s Blonde Ponytail blog last night.  It looked doable, challenging, and it wasn’t going to take up space on my counter for months at a time collecting dust.  Plus, there was no equipment needed, and I had the TV to keep me entertained.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had enough time in the morning before work to watch the Today show.




The workout goes as follows:






Starting with 10 reps and then counting down…



Jess has a great graphic on her site as well as the proper form for a burpee!


After 15 minutes, I was dripping in sweat.




But I still had my plank challenge left to do and this one was for 3:45.  Yikes!  I know I say it every time, but this one really was the absolute hardest.  With one minute 20 seconds to go, I really wanted to throw in the towel. But I held in there and I did it!  It was a quick and challenging morning workout that totally got me energized for my day ahead.




Breakfast was leftover Pumpkin Cream Pie Oat Bran heated up with a sliced banana and some almond milk.

Delish!  It was really filling, and I caught the Thanks & Giving portion of the Today show just as I was finishing my breakfast.


I’d love to sit and play all day (that’s what the BOY will doing although he is supposed to be studying), but I am off to work!  Just 1 1/2 days until my 5 day Turkey Day break!



Do you exercise at home without equipment?

Please, please, please, send me some ideas!

10 thoughts on “Burpee, Squat, Push, and Sit

  1. At least you’re not a Lions fan! I love working out at home. If I counted on working out outside or at a gym, I’d never, ever do it. I run and I love my Nintendo Wii. The tennis and boxing games can be a surprisingly good workout, but Active Life series of games is amazing! It slimmed my body so much, and I have on been relying on it for five years.

    • I’ve never herad of the Active Life series but will check that out. We do have boxing. I will have to try that. Usually we get some crazy fun Wii bowling or MarioCart games going but there’s not a lot of moving around.

  2. I’m with you about the workouts-I have so many workout dvds and keep thinking I’ll be able to do it-maybe zumba or some kind of dancing (?). I neked to be able to forget myself. The one thing I do love is my weighted hula hoop-you can watch your favorite show and work on your core at the same time-since you only have the boy at home-it wouldn’t be too bad-hecklers you know!

  3. If I’m looking for a quick at-home workout, I pick up my kettle bell for some squats and swings. Throw in some sit-ups, push-ups and burpess, and you’re set 🙂 A jump rope would be a great addition, too.

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