Hanging up my Helmet

Around this time of year, the BOY starts asking me when he can hang up the bikes in the garage in order to fit in a car before the snow and slush arrive.  I told him to just give me until the end of this weekend since it was going to be a warm one.  On Saturday, I got out for my scheduled 12 miler.  Sunday is typically yoga, but since the BOY and I were up late celebrating his birthday, I decided to sleep in.  It was a gorgeous day, but really windy.  Not the kind of weather that my sore and tired legs could power through a bike ride.  Not a problem, I told myself, there is always tomorrow.  By Sunday night, the rain had rolled back into town and there was talk of snow on Monday.  Although I woke up to a sunny morning with not a flake it sight, the temperatures had plummeted over night.  29 degrees is way too cold for me when it comes to biking, so I headed off to my indoor yoga class instead.



As the time comes to hang up my helmet for the season, I can’t help but think about this season’s biking adventures.  I am always super excited when the weather starts to warm up in the spring, and I can get back outside on my bike.  But the season officially begins with Bike the Drive.




After that, I spend my weekends taking long bike rides around town and discovered some new routes up to Barrington.  It was fun sharing the roads with so many other friendly bikers.




Once I got back into my road bike groove, I built up to my favorite challenging workout, the BRICK.  I started slow adding on time in preparation for this summer’s triathlon.  Some of my toughest workouts were up in Wisconsin where I rode (and then ran) the hills.  I think that my bike made at least 4 trips up there this summer.




Including when I competed in the Green Lake Triathlon.




This summer, I got my first chance to commute by bike, which I loved!  I just wish that I had more opportunities!




I participated in my first Fun Ride with some friends, which was a serious BLAST!




And then went back to Wisconsin, this time to Door County, to explore the trails of Peninsula State Park.  I biked 4 mornings in a row which was pure bliss (especially because I had a newly broken toe).




Which is why I knew I needed to get back up to Door County one more time before the weather got too cold.  This time, I convinced my Mom to go with me.  We had the best day biking around Washington Island.




I chose not to complete my first Century Ride, but I haven’t given up on doing one in the future.  Instead, I took a relaxing ride around the path just as the leaves were beginning to change.




Now that the weather has cooled, I bundled up for one last ride to Mariano’s last week.




Which may just be my last ride of the year.  Even though the weather never went above 31 today, I am hoping that just maybe the BOY won’t get around to hanging up my bikes and maybe, just maybe we’ll have one more warmish weekend, so I won’t really have to hang up my helmet.  But even if my last ride of the year is behind me, I know that I got to try some new routes with new friends in new places this year, and I am thankful for every safe ride!  Now, I just need to find a GOOD local spin class to keep in top shape for next summer’s list of adventures!


For more biking love, you can read my Ode to My Bike post!



Who else has ‘Hung Up Their Helmet’?

What was your favorite ride this season?

12 thoughts on “Hanging up my Helmet

  1. I’m crossing my fingers for one more bike ride outside, too! Great recap of your cycling season! Where was the Green Lake tri?

    My favorite ride this year also happened to be one of the worst… a 116-mile ride up and down the Mississippi in Minnesota and Wisconsin. So hard – ridiculous head wind for 60 miles + crazy climbs – but character building; you can’t have great rides without the miserable ones, too 🙂

    • Well said…the most brutal rides help you really appreciate the sweet ones. That sounds like somthing I would only do in a sping class! Green Lake is in Wisconsin about 3 hours north of Chicago. It is a really beautiful lake and the triathlong is hilly but has some of the friendliest volunteers. I loved it and we are all planning on doing it again next year.

  2. I didn’t get to bike nearly as much as I wanted to (and I even got a new-to-me Specialized bike!). It’s the half marathon training that takes over everything else!

  3. You are so cute! You make me want to ride a bike so bad!! I really need to get a bike, the one I have now is from when I was 12!! I haven’t ridden it in years!

  4. So sad!!! Ive only have my bike in DC with me for a month or 2 and I’m sad to say that I only took it out a handful of times. DC has a community bikeshare though that I use for little commutes so I will continue to use that until they put them away!! (I’m actually not sure if they do!)

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