The Day

The Breakfast




The Plank (a day late)

The longest 3 minutes of my life…even with Law&Order on the TV!




The Weather


Nov 10

10 AM

Partly Cloudy


Party Cloudy


The Shoes




Gearing up for their longest run to date.


The Fuel




Note: I liked the Gingersnap flavor Larabar much better for a run!  This one is tasty but a little dry to eat during a workout.


The Run

12 miles along the path




My run was a little more eventful than I would have liked.  The weather was perfect, and the path was fairly crowded with runners, bikers, and dogs.  Just after mile 3, I got a sharp pain in one of the toes on my right foot.  It felt like I was running on a tack.  I made it a few more minutes to a parking lot where I sat down to check it out.  What I discovered was a sock soaked through with blood.




Yuck!  This has never happened to me before in 20 years of running.  I had a pin size cut, probably from a toe nail, but because I take Aspirin every day, this wasn’t going to stop on its own.  Luckily, I found an alcohol pad and bandaid in my running belt.  I’ve never performed ‘wound’ care on the side of the path before, but it only took a few minutes and I was back on my feet.  I was a little slow to get back in my groove.  At mile 6, I turned back around feeling strong, but was a little worried about the deep rolling thunder and quick moving clouds.  I kept moving hoping to make it home before a storm rolled in.  Somewhere after mile 7, the rain began to fall and it was coming down hard!  Since it was pretty warm, the rain drops were refreshing, but the vertical lightening made me nervous.  It only rained for about a mile, and I thought I was in the clear.  But with only a few miles to go, my legs started to cramp up.  I’m guessing that this was from the quick drop in core temperature after the rain, but I don’t typically cramp.  I guess my right quad didn’t get the memo!  I slowed down some, but kept moving putting one foot in front of the other.  And then the rain came back with big, thick, heavy drops.  At this point, I was soaked.  Like, just came out of a lake in my clothes soaked.  My socks and shoes filled with water and it felt like I was lifting a brick with each step.  I tried not to slow down (or worry about my phone which I had forgotten to wrap in a plastic bag), especially during my last mile.  Despite running through puddles with stiff legs, I finished my last mile in 9 minutes.




I came bounding in the door with a time of 1:42:32 calling to the BOY to bring me a towel.




My phone was okay!  I just hope my shoes dry quickly!


The Recovery

Look who I found!


IMG_9057 IMG_9058


My trusty foam roller is back, which is good because my quads needed it today!


The Rest of the Day


Skyfall (the movie) + Bonefish Grill = the BOY’s Birthday celebration





How was your day?

Have you ever gotten stuck outside in a downpour?

21 thoughts on “The Day

    • I have heard that but my weekend in Seattle was so beautiful that I loved it! I had to stop my watch during the stops but I was defintely happy with my run. The BOY asked why I didn’t call him in the pouring rain and I said it was because I wanted to get my 12, rain or shine!

  1. Cute post! That cut looks like it hurts, though!:( And I love that LaraBar, but it is definitely more dry than the others! Try the Key Lime Pie- so good:)

  2. I hate those little toenails that cut the next toe you don’t even notice them until you have run awhile! One of my friends said to remove your soles and put crumpled up newspaper in your shoes so that they dry better (and don’t squeak). Her kids do marathons and tri’s.

    Congrats on finishing-that was some rain-I sported the garbage bag look to get to my car after work!

  3. oh…. I was so thinking of you! I thought of mounting a rescue cause I thought you might be outside, but i was on my way to coopers hawk for a wine enhanced lunch and just couldn’t be late. glad you made it home safe, how are you today? We had the malbec, delish. I joined the wine club and sampled the shirz, i liked it. heading to woodmans

    • That sounds like a fantastic day! I am a bit sore today…my quads were burning coming down the stairs this morning so it is back to the foam roller for me! Welcome to the wine club. We picked up a Malbec yesterday too!

    • We had the most incredible meal! It was my boyfriend’s first time there and he loved it. Their mussels were incredible! Skyfall is awesome. You should definitely go see it this weekend. Javier is such a creepy bad guy and Daniel Craig makes a hot and talented Bond!

    • It was pretty random having my first aid gear with me, but lesson learned for the future : ) I have a feeling that moving from 3 to 4 minutes will be tougher than 2 to 3 in the planks.

  4. Glad you were able to patch your toe up quickly. Running causes strange injuries sometimes. I ones got a very gruesome looking cut on my toe from another toe nail and I now have to tape my toes very tightly when I run because . . . well, toe nails come off sometimes it turns out 😦

  5. […] Since my Mom was unavailable, I suggested that the BOY bike with me during my long run.  Considering I have only seen him on a bike once in the 7 years we’ve been dating, I was not at all surprised when he said no, but happy when he suggested that he meet me half way for water and fuel refills.  I planned my run to finish ~9 miles at the park not far from our house.  I had thought about packing up a head set, but realized since I wouldn’t be using one in the marathon, I didn’t want one today.  I started off slow, but along the way, picked up a new friend and therefore my pace (~8:30 min/miles) for 1-2 miles while chatting about running and marathons before he headed home.  The benefit of being out at 5:30am is that he was heading home as I rounded mile 6.  At 9.5 miles, I jogged up to the BOY where I chugged some water and attempted to eat an energy gel.  I had gotten it free in a race goodie bag and it was so awful, I couldn’t swallow it or finish it!  Instead, I finished the Larabar I’d eaten half of around an hour and drank some more water and used the bathroom.  Right before I was set to head back out, I remembered that my sock was bothering me.  I took off my shoe to adjust it and discovered that both my sock and shoe were covered in blood (just like on this run). […]

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