Starting the Week Of Right

I guess I should thank the Day Light Savings people for helping me get up and at ‘em this morning!  Although I was exhausted last  night, I woke up fairly easily this morning.  First up on today’s agenda…VOTING!  I had big fears that there would be long lines at the polls, so I got dressed, made some tea, and drove the 1/2 mile down the road to the polling site.  There was a line for electronic but not one for paper, so I went with paper.  I caused a bit of a commotion when I submitted my ballots by trying to submit 3 instead of 2.  Apparently, 2 judges ballots stuck together and I had filled out the front of one and the back of another. (No judgment people, it was EARLY).  I fixed my mistake, but then something had to be done with the other ballot and my ballot had no initials, so it needed to be signed and stamped before I had finally voted and could take my sticker.  I felt terrible for being so high maintenance and the woman in line to vote actually asked me with concern, ‘Is it really that complicated?’  I was home by 6:30 to warm up some oatmeal for breakfast.  I do want to send out a sincere thank you to all of the volunteers working at voting booths throughout the country today!  It can’t be an easy job and we appreciate you taking the time to do it.




After breakfast, I had was scheduled for a 6 mile run.  I hit the path with plenty of sunlight although the weather was brisk.  It took me a few miles to feel warmed up and get into my flow, but my mile times were steady right around 8:40.  Typically, my last mile back home is the slowest, so I made a goal to get back to my driveway no slower than my previous miles.  I completed miles 5 and 6 in 8:29 and 8:32 respectively finishing my 6 miles in 51:49.  What a great way to start the day!




Unfortunately, my foam roller has not appeared, so I stretched my legs on the curb and made mental note to hit the foam roller at work.  That doesn’t always happen, but hopefully I can find a few minutes to roll out my legs today.




I need to hit the shower and get my lunch packed up before heading off to work.  I have some leftovers from last night’s dinner that I am excited about!


A quick update on the plank challenge

I was able to do a 2 minute 45 second plank last night.  It was brutal and I am gearing up for 3 minutes this Friday.



How is your week starting off?

Did you make anything for Peanut Butter Month yet?

18 thoughts on “Starting the Week Of Right

  1. Booo to that lady at the voting place, you made a simple mistake!! RUDE comment she made! haha. Awesome run!! I’ve been making PB sandwiches every day..does that count!?

    • Yikes..that is early! I actually work 2 mornings at 7:30 and with my long commute and need to sleep 8 hours a night barely get out the door with my hair dry-ish and breakfast. So on the other 2 mornings, I like to try to get in workouts. Since I work until 7 a few nights, I know that isn’t happening after work!

    • Thanks! I am hoping to kick some booty during this upcoming race. My work schedule has been so hectic that I am just worn out. I need to fix that fast!

      When I lived in Memphis, I couldn’t find Better than PB. My mom used to fly or drive down with jars and jars whenever she would visit. One time she got stopped by airline security and she had to explain why she had so much heavy glass : )

    • Haha! Thanks! It is so nice to have a fridge full of healthy food options (ie lentil soup that I just made and recipe coming soon). I am always thinking ahead as I live on leftovers all week!

  2. Nice run and way to rock the vote! Sorry about the cranky lady. I absentee voted a few weeks ago, so thankfully didn’t have to deal with the long lines in MPLS.

    Does peanut butter toast count? 🙂

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