Two Birds

It’s Monday afternoon, and I was in need of some exercise and a few ingredients from the grocery store.  Thanks to the new Mariano’s that opened up this fall, I was able to accomplish both in less than an hour.  One of the reasons I was most excited about the new Mariano’s in the neighborhood (besides all the obvious) was the ability to zip on over there as needed.  Mariano’s is just off the forest preserve path which makes it super easy to get to by bike.  What is not easy is biking home with 5 bags of groceries.  Since I only needed a few things for dinner, today seemed like the perfect day to pump some air into my tires.




Since it was a chilly day, I bundled up good and grabbed a string bag to bring home my goods.




I rode along the trail, which was peaceful and bare.




In less than 2.5 miles, I was at the store.  I locked up my bike and headed in.  The good thing about biking to the store is that I am more likely to stick to my grocery list.




Which was mostly the case until I saw these PB M&M’s 50% off.  I thought they would be perfect for a Peanut Butter Month recipe (although I haven’t decided exactly what yet).  I just have to find a place to hide them from the BOY or they’ll be gone by the end of the week.




In less than an hour, I was back home throwing dinner into the crockpot and peeling kisses for Turtle Pretzels.  I couldn’t find Rolos, but I think that caramel kisses will work just as well.




It was a short 5.5 mile ride, but biking always puts me in the best mood.  I am crossing my fingers to get in one more warm weather ride before hanging up my helmet this fall.  I am also hoping to have an awesome new dinner recipe coming your way soon!

10 thoughts on “Two Birds

  1. You know, I’ve yet to make it to Mariano’s. I need to make a point of going there this week, just to check it out. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

    • It is definitely worth the checkout. I think we are lucky because we have one so close. Their meat and produce are incredible but some of their prices on basics (canned veggies) and drinks (soda) are higher than the Jewel. And I still need to get to WF at least other week because I just love it there!

  2. My local co-op is about 0.75 miles from my house, but I never bike… gah! My only bike is my Madone, and I don’t want to leave it locked up while I’m inside. Must buy a B bike!

    Beautiful trail! And, those PB M&Ms would be gone at my house, too 🙂

    • I think it is such a luxury to have 2 bikes, but I love it! We have the tiniest garage and they totally take over all summer, but my road bike gives me speed when I need it and my hybrid is the perfect commuter and trail bike. I joke that I should put a basket on the back of it to go driving around town.

  3. How is biking in the cold? I haven’t taken my bike out much at all since I’ve gotten it. If I didn’t live on the 11th floor of a high rise I think I would be much inclined to bring it outside!

    • That is totally the pits. I used to live in an apartment and hated taking my bike in the elevator. With the right layers (gloves and ear band) biking in the cold is peaceful and fun. Give it a try! See if there is a place to store your bike in the parking garage or on a lower storage level!

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